scrappingirl79 says…

I did it...I joined a GYM today...

My fiance and I joined a Gym today called You Fit.
They are opening up a location by our home within the next 2 weeks.
We want to get into shape and loose some weight so hoping this will help out.

Now I just need to join Weight Watchers to help drop



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  1. scrappingirl79
    scrappingirl79 says…

    My fiance and I joined a Gym today called You Fit.
    They are opening up a location by our home within the next 2 weeks.
    We want to get into shape and loose some weight so hoping this will help out.

    Now I just need to join Weight Watchers to help drop the pounds.

  2. heygillian (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
    heygillian says…

    You go, girl!!! I bought some new duds for running today. (Not that I run. I waddle. And breathe really, REALLY hard.) So I'm kind of fired up to hit the streets tomorrow morning. :)

    We can do this! Let's make 2013 the year we give ourselves the gift of better health, huh?


  3. TaraElias
    TaraElias says…

    Good for you!

  4. scrappingirl79
    scrappingirl79 says…

    Thanks ladies.

    I told my fiance now I need to buy a workout outift....I have a pair of shoes that I am eyeing too.

  5. karenmalloy
    karenmalloy says…

    I struggled through Tae Bo tonight. Not a pretty sight! Good luck with your fitness goals. And I am a big fan of WW. It really works!

  6. scrappingirl79
    scrappingirl79 says…

    I figured I would go a couple days a week after work just to do a little and if I can handle it work out a little more (hope this makes sense)

  7. Kgroves
    Kgroves says…

    My husband and I joined the YMCA just a few blocks from our house. I figure that the location should take away most of the excuses :)
    I am a fan of the Weight Watchers program. There's a lot of accountability which helps me stay in control of what I choose to eat. But, the program also gives you enough room to add some of your favorite foods, in moderation. I've been very successful with their program. They have an App that makes tracking easier, too. Pairing the gym with a Weight Watchers membership will definitely help you meet your goal. Best of luck with your new membership!

  8. qldscrapper
    qldscrapper says…

    Good luck! I am sure WW and the new gym will help you get on track to your goals.

  9. hannal
    hannal says…

    Way to go!!!! It isn't always easy but worth it. If you have a smart phone - Myfitnesspal is a great free app. It tracks your calories and I was surprised how much I was eating, plus it is really motivating to see if I Run (okay jog - walk) then I have extra calories.

  10. cccjenn
    cccjenn says…

    You go! Having the gym really close by will definitely help!!!

  11. TaraElias
    TaraElias says…

    I did WW years and years ago and it really works. I still swear by it. Good luck!

  12. sweetie
    sweetie says…

    Ha! Well, I bought a tony little gazelle on Craigslist for $17 in December, plus pulled out the WW stuff from a few years ago. Does that mean I've looked at it yet? No. I haven't. No time like the present, right? BUT today I have been completely redoing all my SBing & sewing supplies, so I did work out today!

  13. clippergirl
    clippergirl says…

    Rooting you on!!!

  14. SusanWeinroth (Reward subscriber)
    SusanWeinroth says…

    Weight watchers is a fabulous program - I've done it twice to lose baby weight & highly recommend it!

  15. tenmylove
    tenmylove says…

    Awesome! That's great news, so glad to hear so many people ready to start the year off right! :) The YMCA that I am a member of is literally right around the block and I have to say that the close proximity really helps; there is NEVER a good excuse to not go when it's so close!

    Good luck!

  16. natalia
    natalia says…

    You go girl!! and good luck :)

  17. ShannaNoel
    ShannaNoel says…

    Congrats, you got this girl!

  18. kelbre
    kelbre says…

    Good for you!! You can do it!

  19. dawnnikol (Reward subscriber)
    dawnnikol says…

    Good for you! I started the Couch to 5K program in October and highly recommend it if you want something to help you get started with running/jogging. :)

  20. dalotajr
    dalotajr says…

    A new workout outfit is always great motivation!

  21. NicoleS (Reward subscriber)
    NicoleS says…

    That's great! Good luck... you can do it!

  22. scrappingirl79
    scrappingirl79 says…

    Thanks Ladies.

    Now the question is should I do it in the morning or after work. I think afterwork would fit me best due to I am sitting all day, then I can go and workout afterwards and then be worn out and ready for bed...LOL

  23. dawnnikol (Reward subscriber)
    dawnnikol says…

    I prefer to work out in the morning. I don't mind getting up early (most mornings) and getting it in and then showering and getting on with my day. I used to try to do after work, but I found that if I had a hard day, I was less likely to go work out and made more excuses. So, I say you start your day out rocking in the gym! :)

  24. SaraAndrews1
    SaraAndrews1 says…

    I say (and do) mornings!! Get it over with. ;)

  25. scrappingirl79
    scrappingirl79 says…

    Thanks ladies :)

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