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  1. How do I order a monthly kit?

    Kits are posted at 3:00pm EST on the 1st of each month. At that time all kits and add-ons are available for purchase while supplies last. Subscribers to the monthly Scrapbook Kit, Stationery Kit, Planner or Project Life are able to order add-ons 3 hours early at 12:00pm EST on the 1st during Presale. You must be a subscriber to order a monthly kit.

  2. When will my credit/debit card be billed?

    Your card will be billed immediately for all first time purchases including the first month of a kit subscription, single-kit purchases, and add-ons. For subscriptions, your card will be billed on the 6th of each month during the term of the subscription. Add-on orders placed between the 1st and 5th of each month will be charged immediately after the order is placed.

  3. When will kits be shipped?

    For subscribers, kits will be shipped by the 10th of the month provided the order and payment was received by the 6th. Mid-month orders entered between the 10th and the end of the month will ship within 24 business hours. Additional orders placed after the 1st and before the 6th of the month will be shipped along with monthly kits, between the 6th and the 10th of each month.

  4. How will my kit be shipped?

    Studio Calico offers three levels of service. Economy, Upgraded and Expedited. Please see our shipping page for more information surrounding our shipping structure.

  5. What about shipping costs?

    Shipping costs are based on three factors. Those three factors are your location, the level of service you choose and the weight of your order. See the shipping page for your service level options. All shipping costs are available at checkout and will adjust in real time as you add or subtract items from your cart. Again, please see our shipping page for more information

  6. What about free shipping and bundling?

    Domestic orders created during the 1st and 5th of the month (bundling period) ship at no additional cost with your subscription order. Outside of the bundling period, if the total of items purchased on one order is greater than $79, you will not be charged a shipping fee. Bundling only applies to subscription orders.

    Canadian customers are eligible for free shipping at all time for any orders that meet or exceed $99.

    International customers cannot qualify for free shipping. International orders will have a $3 handling fee that will cover the shipping of your kit subscription**. Shipping rates will increase as you add items to your subscription order. Your shipping charges will be visible throughout the checkout process and will adjust as items are added or removed from your cart.

    Bundling is available for subscribers starting in the 2nd month of an active subscription.

    *Free shipping for domestic orders applies to Economy shipping only. Please see our shipping page for more information.

    **No additional shipping or handling charges for international orders applies to Economy shipping only. Please see our shipping page for more information.

  7. Can I cancel a subscription?

    To cancel a subscription, you must start a conversation with us. Please note that in order to allow adequate time for us to process subscription orders, subscription orders cannot be cancelled from the 1st of the month through the 5th of the month. After your subscription order has shipped, you can contact us and we will process your cancellation.

    If you have a month to month subscription and you request to cancel after the 25th of the month, there will be a $15 cancellation fee. For subscriptions with a six month or twelve month commitment, you will be charged 50% of your remaining commitment at the time of cancellation. Six month and twelve month subscriptions will not incur an additional $15 cancellation fee if they are cancelled after the 25th of the month.

  8. What are the benefits of subscribing to the monthly kits?
    • Order add-ons 3 hours early during a special presale
    • Free domestic shipping for kit orders and orders created between the 1st and the 5th of the month. Free shipping on any orders that total $79 or more ($99 for Canadian subscribers) outside of the bundling period*.
    • 10% off online classes
    • 10% off digital items
    • Special promotions and discounts given periodically
    • *free shipping does not apply to international orders outside of Canada.

  9. How do I become a Rewards customer and what are the benefits?

    A: Rewards customers are simply any customer who purchased 12 consecutive months of kits or customers who have purchased at least $500 in product in the past 12 months. The Studio Calico Rewards Program allows you to earn rewards faster and easier so you can purchase the paper-crafting supplies you need and want. Use the "My Rewards" page to track your progress along the way. Gold Members may switch a subscription to another type at any time during the 5th-25th.  Please note that your rewards status will not be updated to your new subscription until the following month on the 1st on your "My Rewards" page. Learn more about the Rewards program here.

  10. How do I access my classes?

    In order to access your classes you must first activate your account.  You can do this by clicking the link in the email you received upon creating your account. If you still have trouble accessing this please contact Customer Service, we are happy to help.

    You can access your classes by clicking “My Classrooms” in your account drop down menu or simply click here.

    These are “go at your own pace” classes, so they will stay on your My Classrooms page even after the class has finished.

  11. How can I access my digital files?

    In order to access your digital files you must first activate your account. You can do this by clicking the link in the email you received upon creating your account. If you still have trouble accessing this please contact Customer Service, we are happy to help.

    Once you have activated your account and logged in you can view these files by clicking your username and selecting my digital files.