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Fabric Envelopes by Susan Weinroth 04/14/2010

Hi everyone! Susan here today, with a tutorial on how to make the fabric envelope pictured above. :)

I love to use leftover fabric odds & ends in different ways, and this envelope is one of the easiest ways to make a hand-crafted card even more special...

Start by selecting a fabric that coordinates with your card...

I like to use Fiskars Pinking Shears to trim the edges of the material for my card envelope. I find that the pinking edge holds up much better when leaving a raw edge on the envelope - as is the case here.

These scissors are definitely an "investment" - but trust me, they are well worth the price. They will last you a lifetime if cared for correctly, and are one of my "go-to" sewing tools that I use on a constant basis. (I also love using them to deco-trim the edges of fabric that I incorporate on paper projects like scrapbook pages and cards!)

As an example of size, for my 5x4 inch card here, I trimmed a 7.5x20 inch piece of fabric. >> You want your fabric piece to be slightly wider than your card, and at least 4x as long as your card's width.

Now start to make the iron press/crease marks to guide the shape of your envelope:

Use an iron to fold in the edge of one short end and press to crease. Fold in approx 1 inch.

Continue folding upwards, then press to crease to create main "pocket" portion of the envelope.

Fold leftover top flap down and press with iron to crease along top. (Body of envelope is now formed.)

Machine stitch with 1/4 inch inseam & straight stitch along top of front pocket panel.

Pin sides together to hold in place.

Then machine stitch with approx 1/4 inch inseam & straight stitch each of four sides.

Congratulations, you have a fabric envelope! :)

Take it a step further and choose ribbon or lace or pom pom trim and machine stitch that along the envelopes flap. I choose a scalloped velvet trim.

What's nice about giving someone a card in a fabric envelope, is that the "envelope" can then be reused for years to come!