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Invisibles Techniques by Joy Madison 03/30/2009

The new Heidi Swapp Invisibles are so fun. Here's a few directions on how to use them with different mediums.

Dye Ink:

Supplies: Invisibles, Dye Ink, Blending Tool or Foam Brush

1) Load the blending tool (or in my case a foam brush) with dye ink. Make sure you rub it in and get plenty of ink on the blender.

invisibles 1

2) Work the ink in from the outside in. Use one layer of ink for a lighter look, or several layers for a darker look. The first one has lighter on one side and darker on the other, and the second one has several layers of ink.

invisibles 2

invisibles 6

3) Viola, you are done. If you want to embellish your chipboard pieces add brads or Stickles, or anything else, go for it.

invisibles 4

4) To add any stamped images on top of the Invisibles, you'll need to use StazOn.

invisibles 5

Acrylic Paint:

Supplies: Invisibles, Acrylic Paint, Foam Brush, Sanding Block or File

1) Apply a THIN Layer of acrylic paint.

2) Use sandpaper or a file and carefully sand down the paint that is sitting on top of the design.

a male model sneak.

j&j sneak

Metallic Rubs:

Supplies: Invisibles, Metallic Rubs, Soft cloth or paper towels

1) Apply the metallic rub over the top of the Invisibles.

2) Carefully rub off the material that is on the raised part of the piece with a soft cloth or a paper towel.

seven sneak


I asked the DT if they had any's what they said:

1. use a water-based dye ink (like the distress inks we're selling in the store)

2. use the ink blending tool (buy extra replacements b/c you'll need them for multiple colors)

3. use the ink blending tool in a circular motion, unless you like streaks

4. it's not a bad idea to use Super-Seal after you use the inks if you really want to lock in the color, otherwise, if it's touched, it could rub off a bit (not much, but it depends how much it's handled)

5. it's cool to mix colors (this would apply to paints and inks)

6. with the chipboard sheets, it's fun to use masks

7. i used paint on mine. Just cheap acrylic paint. The first time I painted it on and wiped it away right away and it all came off. So then I painted it and let it sit for just a minute before gently rubbing it off. that seemed to work better. I had to do a couple coats on some pieces to get the look I wanted.

8.Maya Mists do not work well with the INVISIBLE line of products....they only made a very very light effect on the Invisible after you daub away all the extra paint mist.