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  • Shipping PSA - Order/Notices

    Hi everyone, We have had a lot of new folks join over the past few months and I thought that it might be beneficial to give you all some shipping information. For Domestic/Canada shipments: Your order status will change to shipped as soon as we pul
  • Knee Update!

    I've received a bunch of emails asking me how I'm dong, so I thought that I should probably come over here and post an update. I'm doing great! My knee is getting much better. I've decided to make a real lifestyle change and stop messing around and
  • Saying Goodbye

    I wanted to post here and let you all know that I have decided to leave Studio Calico to be a Stay at home Mom. My last day here will be January 25th. This was an incredibly hard decision....I've been with SC for 5 1/2 years. I started out packing
  • PSA - Images of Printed Material

    Just wanted to post a reminder that any printed material that Studio Calico produces and/or includes in our kits is copyrighted. This includes any Project Life cards. Product that is scanned and shared with others is a direct violation of our terms of u