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  • For PL and other stuff

    I just discovered the notebook. I don´t actually own one yet, but it will be on the way soon! It seems like a great idea for PL and other everyday notes. As the notebook inside is replacable I am also considering creating a PL planner to keep i
  • Is PL storrage just to much for me?

    Last night I had an actuall nightmare about PL organization. I dreamt that my sister and I went to Ikea (an 8 hour drive from home), and she refused me to look for the Antonius insert claiming we were out of time. My dream self tried to fix it by switchin
  • I met this guy...

    This should be all good right? But I'm freaking out about him visiting me and seeing my scraproom! I'm sure he'll think I'm crazy... I mean, I have over 100 bottles of mist... How do I explain the crazyness?