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  • Silhouette SD and New Blade

    Hello Silhouette Experts....I know most of you have the CAMEO, but I know some of you still have the older Silhouette SD..Which is what I have. So, 1) Have any of you used the new Ratchet blade with Silhouette SD and does it work fine? 2) How many tim
  • Atlantic Digital Files

    Hi SC peeps, Is today the last day for me to get the Atlantic Digi's (Cut files, printables etc) or is the last day only for Planetarium Digis? Thanks Banu
  • Page protector issue - need some input

    Hi All, Last week On the left side I used a Design A page protector and for the left side I used Design D (with vertical Photos). I completely forgot about that and I did all the photos for this week to fit Design A and sent it off to Print. Now I do not