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  • Has anyone ever ordered from My Craft Channel?

    I purchased some of the new MME on 1/30/12, and to date, it has not made it out. I was given tracking info on 2/6/2, but the post office states that they have not received a package from the sender. When I contacted My Craft Channel about it on 2/17/12, t
  • Killing kits

    How much of the kit do you need to use in order for you to feel like you've killed it? I don't think I've ever killed one. Do you feel like you've done sufficient damage by the quantity of layouts a single kit produces? Is it using every little bit and pi
  • DD class?

    In the confirmation email for my preorder it says "will ship early November to allow plenty of transit time before class starts." I is there an accompanying class with the kit?