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  • Word strips

    Help me out, guys. I have a bunch of these, and I want them to go away. What are some good ways to use these on projects? I seem to only use a couple at a time, and they keep stacking up on me.
  • Who do you miss?

    There's a ton of really amazing talent out in the scrapbooking community, and a lot of it you can find here. I have discovered most of my favorites in these galleries and on the design team over the years. Who has gotten away from the craft that you...
  • Dad's in full remission.

    UPDATE: He had a follow up appointment today after finding a new lump on his neck and having it scanned. Cancer's back; we're not sure if it's the same cancer (non-hodgkins lymphoma) or something new, so they are going to biopsy it after the holiday...