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  • Two or Maybe Three Thoughts

    1. Sneak Gallery - fantastic. SC heard everyone loud and clear that we wanted an easy way to see the sneaks - on the site where they belong - all in one place. The gallery is a tempting array of color and fun. 2. Hockney Add On - I am SURE that the...

    Cool, have you noticed that when you go to tag someone, the likely choices start to auto populate for you? Good one, SC. Good one… Now please go fix our inspiration and project pages :)
  • Persnickety Prints App Tips and Tricks?

    UPDATED! ETA - Well, I did what the PP Facebook folks suggested and both updated my phone's software AND the app itself. and VOILA! My photos uploaded, and an order was made! I'm not really sure if it was the update that made the difference, or...