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  • Speaking of scraprooms

    Does anyone not have one? I have a couple shelves and two moving units. But really no space to call my own. We had to make our den a study room for my son. So now... I often scrap on a tiny TV tray with my two carts rolled out to the living room (not ide
  • A question about sold out

    I am wondering, in the presale when I refresh it says that a product is available, then I go to add it, it says that the product is sold out. So I refresh (hard resfresh, so ctrl F5) and it still says it is available. So confused....
  • Apps for PL

    What apps do you love for helping you organize PL? I really enjoy using Momento - to grab all my twitter & facebook posts, I also (not an app) use my google calendar, to look back at what we did. So what apps do you like to use?
  • Droppers

    Hey there! I bought the droppers, thinking that they would fit in the mr. Huey bottles and be able to screw o. Instead of the sprays, so that is what I was planning on doing. But alas, they don't. So I am wondering what everyone does to clean/store them?