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I know it's early-August but I'm really excited about this. What is everyone looki...
by cumber1137 on 08/08/17 04:28PM | Last reply by alakard on 08/16/17 09:45PM
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Do these have the same hole configuration as the Studio Calico handbooks? I've us...
by audneal on 05/02/17 01:29PM | Last reply by AliEdwards on 05/11/17 11:34PM
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piecesofme (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
I received 2 pins in my package with my Lens Kit. An aqua and gold camera (love!)...
by piecesofme on 04/25/17 09:15AM | Last reply by angelbel on 05/01/17 11:53PM
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KarineC (Silver Rewards Subscriber)
Hi everyone, Thought I'd share some of my progress so far. Please feel free to ...
by KarineC on 04/30/17 09:18PM | Last reply by KarineC on 05/01/17 12:32PM
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ciahansen (Pink Rewards Subscriber)
I am vaguely remembering that the plus signs in the bond kit also came in another ...
by ciahansen on 04/24/17 12:34AM | Last reply by kathleen on 04/25/17 10:12AM
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tmjordan (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
I want to purchase the eat digital story kit. I see that there is a month-to-month...
by tmjordan on 04/14/17 10:42AM | Last reply by tmjordan on 04/14/17 01:01PM
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Ok, so who else picked up some of this years Week in the Life goodies? I caved a...
by verabmueller on 03/09/17 07:29PM | Last reply by MariClaudi on 03/27/17 06:35PM
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joannho (Pink Rewards Subscriber)
I have been loving the 6x8 size to document stories using the story kits. Does any...
by joannho on 03/18/17 10:12AM | Last reply by pamllaguno on 03/26/17 12:54PM
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Sunniva (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
I have sooo be anticipating this upcoming AE story kit ever since it was revealed ...
by Sunniva on 03/14/17 03:23PM | Last reply by Meggan on 03/15/17 09:45PM
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Sunniva (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
I'm taking the plunge and finally breaking up my AE story kits this weekend!! I've...
by Sunniva on 03/10/17 01:01PM | Last reply by Sunniva on 03/13/17 04:46AM
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It's been quite a while since I've touched my craft supplies. I was plugging away ...
by teabiscuit on 03/04/17 11:05PM | Last reply by merlainne on 03/11/17 05:14PM
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Mel1980 (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
Any idea when Ali is going to do her Week In The Life this year?
by Mel1980 on 01/24/17 10:21AM | Last reply by Mel1980 on 03/10/17 10:59AM
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iScrap (Silver Rewards Subscriber)
And not just because that's my last name LOL! I really like the theme and love th...
by iScrap on 02/15/17 06:02AM | Last reply by AnnetteH on 02/19/17 12:51PM
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Mel1980 (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
What do you guys think about it? I love it! Just like almost every single story...
by Mel1980 on 01/16/17 02:00PM | Last reply by karenlee3 on 02/08/17 07:13PM
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lasteve1 (Silver Rewards Subscriber)
People have been saying over the past 6 months or so that the card quality has gon...
by lasteve1 on 01/07/17 01:31PM | Last reply by Henryotte16 on 01/11/17 07:03PM
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iScrap (Silver Rewards Subscriber)
TGIalmostFriday! Except that means we're one day closer to Christmas and I'm not ...
by iScrap on 12/22/16 07:55PM | Last reply by RhondaN on 01/11/17 01:00AM
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