Hi guys! After years of reading your blogs, I've finally started one of my own. I ...
by AlexaC on 01/07/15 03:21PM | Last reply by CraftyCat on 04/21/15 04:22PM
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I just wanted to thank Gail C. for gifting me some of her DD pages. I am going to...
by Djuna on 01/02/15 09:53PM | Last reply by KarineC on 01/03/15 04:39PM
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KarineC (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
is so sad and crunchy. We totally forgot to water it this year. I'm going to hav...
by KarineC on 01/01/15 01:53AM | Last reply by abragg79 on 01/02/15 02:54PM
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cdon2k (Pink Rewards Subscriber)
45 page protector sleeves - 90 pages total! My DD is officially complete except on...
by cdon2k on 12/31/14 03:55PM | Last reply by lory on 01/02/15 02:09PM
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KarineC (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
Hi Everyone, I came up with this last night. You might have already thought of...
by KarineC on 12/12/14 12:58PM | Last reply by Alexxussss on 12/31/14 12:14AM
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ciahansen (Pink Rewards Subscriber)
I noticed last night that the B side on the 6x8 papers is not identical between th...
by ciahansen on 12/11/14 02:02PM | Last reply by Djuna on 12/30/14 11:15AM
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Did you decorate the inside cover of your DD? I did and it was so much fun! I...
by toribissell on 12/27/14 10:51AM | Last reply by toribissell on 12/29/14 11:01AM
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Has anyone successfully painted or recovered the DD album?? Would love to see pic...
by Nikkimcanary on 12/27/14 10:29AM | Last reply by abragg79 on 12/29/14 09:09AM
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KarineC (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
Then it's almost over! I'm going to be so sad without my DD everywhere I go. ...
by KarineC on 12/24/14 03:39PM | Last reply by toribissell on 12/27/14 10:53AM
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So far so good. Still loving this project. I've completed up to December 9 and I h...
by qingmei on 12/14/14 02:00PM | Last reply by Annie on 12/24/14 02:38AM
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