ondine (Pink Rewards Subscriber)
Hi ladies :) I am giving away some items from December Daily 2015 mini kits an...
by ondine on 09/14/16 09:49AM | Last reply by karenlee3 on 09/15/16 07:31AM
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How's your DD? Are you up to date/caught up? Still jotting down stories + photos? ...
by qingmei on 12/18/15 05:52PM | Last reply by WhamBamPam on 01/19/16 11:21PM
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WhamBamPam (Pink Rewards Subscriber)
I was going to do my DD in my PL, but I love the 2013 DD album & I scored two ...
by WhamBamPam on 12/09/15 04:40PM | Last reply by WhamBamPam on 01/19/16 03:29PM
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brittfuller (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
Just thought I would share what I added to my DD album this afternoon. LOVE IT!!!!...
by brittfuller on 01/08/16 04:46PM | Last reply by brittfuller on 01/11/16 06:35PM
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Ali talks in one of her videos about stitching die cuts to an acrylic sheet and sl...
by shirlc on 01/09/16 12:16PM | Last reply by shirlc on 01/09/16 08:00PM
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I am soooo interested in seeing people's dd cover pages. Particularly those who ha...
by carrascoesther on 11/30/15 11:35PM | Last reply by christi on 12/03/15 11:29AM
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