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patriciaR (Silver Rewards Subscriber)
Bonjour, Je m'adresse aux Françaises abonnées aux kits SC. Avez-vous reçu votre d...
by patriciaR on 01/09/16 04:34PM | Last reply by patriciaR on 01/22/17 11:14AM
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Sunniva (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
Hi! Does anyone know how long time it takes for AE and/or Studio Calico orders ...
by Sunniva on 12/23/16 10:26AM | Last reply by Sunniva on 01/07/17 11:29AM
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Sunniva (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
Hi all! I'm currently living in the US, but originally from Europe. I have a qu...
by Sunniva on 09/22/16 08:00PM | Last reply by BethMB on 09/24/16 08:29AM
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I'm curious.. are there any Dutchies over here? Kan me bijna niet voorstellen ...
by SparklinD on 03/08/12 04:48AM | Last reply by linda_wijtvliet on 04/03/16 06:16PM
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Does anyone of you live in the Göteborg area? I'd love to find a "crafting-buddy",...
by KatrinKiro on 03/16/16 09:07AM | Last reply by KatrinKiro on 03/16/16 09:07AM
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Hi Girls, my boyfriend is in LA and i would like to take this opportunity to send...
by yayasi on 01/25/16 05:41PM | Last reply by yayasi on 02/23/16 01:25PM
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