Organization & Storage Tips

KarineC (Silver Rewards Subscriber)
Hi, I have quite a few large Iris boxes and am trying to figure out a storage s...
by KarineC on 08/05/17 01:44PM | Last reply by rachelanderson on 08/08/17 06:58PM
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I am doing a major purge and reorganization of my stamps. I have everything I need...
by SheriTwing on 03/08/17 11:59AM | Last reply by SheriTwing on 03/23/17 02:52PM
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ecw519 (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
I got an email about last chance on this class, and totally want to sign up! It's ...
by ecw519 on 02/17/17 03:36PM | Last reply by ecw519 on 02/21/17 12:25PM
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KarineC (Silver Rewards Subscriber)
Hi Everyone, I'm looking for some new ideas for wood veneer storage. Would lov...
by KarineC on 01/30/17 04:33PM | Last reply by KarineC on 02/11/17 11:41AM
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Carson (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
I'm going deep into the minutiae of die storage for my next Craft Room Rehab class...
by Carson on 02/02/17 09:23AM | Last reply by christi on 02/08/17 05:00PM
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Hi. Om living in sweden and i love the dagne dover tote!! But they dont ship to my...
by IsGurra on 11/07/16 09:16AM | Last reply by IsGurra on 11/09/16 01:09AM
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WhamBamPam (Pink Rewards Subscriber)
How do you store your roller stamps? Someone mentioned in another conversation tha...
by WhamBamPam on 04/23/16 03:19PM | Last reply by IslandV on 09/17/16 08:49PM
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sagruss (Silver Rewards Subscriber)
Does anyone not use their PL zipper pouches for ongoing storage? I love them and I...
by sagruss on 08/30/16 01:33PM | Last reply by lasteve1 on 09/01/16 10:59AM
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Would anyone be interested in random de stash boxes of variety supplies for like 1...
by iamthegiggles on 08/14/16 02:34PM | Last reply by sagruss on 08/30/16 04:19PM
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ondine (Pink Rewards Subscriber)
With all the sales those days, I thought I will show how I organize my shopping he...
by ondine on 04/22/16 06:55PM | Last reply by ondine on 04/23/16 12:44PM
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