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TerryB (Silver Rewards Subscriber)
Hello all...Sorry I'm posting this one late. My Mom has been in the hospital since...
by TerryB on 06/27/17 10:50PM | Last reply by TerryB on 06/27/17 10:50PM
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jenrn (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
Hi all! Here's a sneak of my main SB kit only LO.
by jenrn on 06/27/17 09:38PM | Last reply by jenrn on 06/27/17 09:44PM
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laceyweeks (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
Did anyone from here get in? I did and I'm so friggin excited! It's actually motiv...
by laceyweeks on 06/27/17 05:45PM | Last reply by Kimkgn on 06/27/17 08:53PM
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laceyweeks (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
Those of you who have the PixmaMG7700 - how do i get the photo to print 3x4 in the...
by laceyweeks on 06/27/17 05:29PM | Last reply by laceyweeks on 06/27/17 05:29PM
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Rockermorsan (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
Have you noticed your pocket page album being fatter at any special season or time...
by Rockermorsan on 06/27/17 06:44AM | Last reply by pinksoup on 06/27/17 03:21PM
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laila2207 (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
For the last 3 years I have been doing PL in 6 x 12 albums and I love the format. ...
by laila2207 on 06/26/17 01:32PM | Last reply by elinanivukoski on 06/27/17 08:16AM
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2014-now will all be project life. That includes our wedding, honeymoon, and my da...
by penuttpie on 06/25/17 08:44PM | Last reply by JustMel on 06/26/17 07:09AM
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Rockermorsan (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
Studio Calico, can you please make aaaalll the documenter kits like Been and Gone?...
by Rockermorsan on 06/25/17 01:31PM | Last reply by Carson on 06/26/17 04:38PM
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What is the website address for Inked. I am confused about this. Thanks! Pam
by msmeinke on 06/23/17 02:19PM | Last reply by msmeinke on 06/23/17 07:48PM
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penny (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
Disclaimer: My summer is nothing like this! But I love the idea of it. Lindsay Let...
by penny on 06/23/17 11:08AM | Last reply by huskermom98 on 06/23/17 10:56PM
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WhamBamPam (Pink Rewards Subscriber)
THIS THREAD IS OPEN TO ALL. @bandaidqueen@BethMB@Binxcat1@Brinkleyboy@CeliseMcL@c...
by WhamBamPam on 06/23/17 12:12AM | Last reply by MariClaudi on 06/27/17 08:01AM
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JulieMcIvor (Studio Calico Staff Member)
Hi, everyone! July is sneaking not-so-slowly up on us, and we can't wait to div...
by JulieMcIvor on 06/22/17 09:01PM | Last reply by GailL on 06/25/17 08:33PM
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mstockton (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
It's officially summer and the plants on my balcony are letting me know in full fo...
by mstockton on 06/22/17 12:48PM | Last reply by mstockton on 06/26/17 01:32PM
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sideoats (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
Hey hey! I can't believe it's almost July, can you? Summer is HERE yeah!!! Light i...
by sideoats on 06/22/17 10:47AM | Last reply by BethMB on 06/22/17 08:55PM
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gluestickgirl (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
Good morning!! As you may know, our 10th anniversary is almost here. Crazy, right?...
by gluestickgirl on 06/21/17 09:19AM | Last reply by glenys on 06/21/17 08:42PM
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Leanne1965 (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
Has the Creative Team grown this month? I was checking out the preview page and sa...
by Leanne1965 on 06/21/17 01:22AM | Last reply by Leanne1965 on 06/21/17 07:53PM
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Neela (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
Hi everyone! I am so excited as my second class at Big Picture class went live tod...
by Neela on 06/20/17 01:18AM | Last reply by Neela on 06/22/17 11:15PM
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