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crafty_kari (Pink Rewards Subscriber)
Hey everyone (insert dorky smile here), It's Kari & I was lucky enough to be a...
by crafty_kari on 05/22/17 01:20AM | Last reply by Fivepops on 05/24/17 08:07AM
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honeykd (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
Did anyone else see the scrapbooking segment on CBS Sunday Morning on Mother’s Day...
by honeykd on 05/21/17 02:18PM | Last reply by honeykd on 05/21/17 06:16PM
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maddawg (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
It is exciting- this is part of the main June kit. I couldn't help but make a page :)
by maddawg on 05/20/17 09:29AM | Last reply by maddawg on 05/21/17 06:53PM
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Ojyma (Silver Rewards Subscriber)
Hello everyone! I was over the moon when asked to be a contributor for this months...
by Ojyma on 05/19/17 03:20PM | Last reply by christieamber on 05/20/17 01:14PM
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KarineC (Pink Rewards Subscriber)
I'm determined not to get sucked into too much housework this weekend and have som...
by KarineC on 05/19/17 12:45PM | Last reply by maddawg on 05/21/17 06:51PM
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MandieLou (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
You guys are getting all of my sneaks early because our movers are starting tomorr...
by MandieLou on 05/18/17 12:03PM | Last reply by wendymorris on 05/22/17 02:34PM
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SarahKH (Studio Calico Staff Member)
We have exciting news to share with you! We are launching live chat customer suppo...
by SarahKH on 05/17/17 12:02PM | Last reply by Binxcat1 on 05/24/17 04:18AM
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SarahKH (Studio Calico Staff Member)
Thank you to all who participated in the April LOAW! The winner is...... @Inkfa...
by SarahKH on 05/16/17 05:14PM | Last reply by Inkfanatic on 05/17/17 12:57PM
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Sarastella (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
Love the new color scheme! The gray reminds me of June mornings in San Diego (June...
by Sarastella on 05/16/17 11:15AM | Last reply by MandieLou on 05/19/17 01:21PM
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tpgirl (Silver Rewards Subscriber)
Just in case you are having Challenge Withdraw here is one more challenge. Be insp...
by tpgirl on 05/16/17 07:40AM | Last reply by terriblygreat on 05/21/17 04:52AM
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tpgirl (Silver Rewards Subscriber)
Use big letters. I thought since the May Scrapbook kit has a set of giant letters ...
by tpgirl on 05/16/17 06:57AM | Last reply by mugsie on 05/22/17 09:10PM
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christinebk (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
Hi everyone, @piecesofme is a friend and fellow crafter to many here on the SC boa...
by christinebk on 05/15/17 12:05PM | Last reply by Jill_S on 05/24/17 12:30AM
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LAH924 (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
I don't blog regularly on my lifestyle/crafty blog but I did want to share how I s...
by LAH924 on 05/15/17 07:22AM | Last reply by LAH924 on 05/15/17 07:22AM
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I cannot get the stamp kit to add to my cart. The Mother's Day promo code isn't w...
by messervy4 on 05/14/17 01:22AM | Last reply by messervy4 on 05/18/17 02:05AM
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JaneD (Silver Rewards Subscriber)
I have just uploaded my last project for the NSD challenges. I have really enjoyed...
by JaneD on 05/13/17 12:03PM | Last reply by AndreaHB on 05/14/17 09:40PM
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Northrigg (Pink Rewards Subscriber)
I didnt see it posted anywhere and I know some folks don't receive emails - there ...
by Northrigg on 05/12/17 12:17PM | Last reply by ShellyJ on 05/12/17 09:20PM
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