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SarahKH (Studio Calico Staff Member)
Happy Friday everyone! I'm sure that many of you know me as I've been apart of Ink...
by SarahKH on 02/10/17 11:46AM | Last reply by gabber on 03/03/17 07:20PM
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SarahKH (Studio Calico Staff Member)
It's time for another Meet the Team Friday! So to be apart of the Inked team, you ...
by SarahKH on 02/03/17 03:30PM | Last reply by ChimCheree on 02/10/17 09:24AM
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SarahKH (Studio Calico Staff Member)
Happy Friday everyone! We hope that you all are having an AMAZING week. I'm ve...
by SarahKH on 01/27/17 12:29PM | Last reply by jbyrd on 02/01/17 02:13PM
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SarahKH (Studio Calico Staff Member)
Great news!! Both the Mega Date Stamp and the Mega Time Stamp are up for preorder!...
by SarahKH on 01/17/17 04:01PM | Last reply by Bethany on 01/20/17 04:07PM
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SarahKH (Studio Calico Staff Member)
Happy Friday everyone!!! Today I want to introduce you all to our new Manager, @Le...
by SarahKH on 01/13/17 11:13AM | Last reply by LeiaK on 01/17/17 11:13AM
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SarahKH (Studio Calico Staff Member)
As we have been asking for feedback, I have been noticing that you all would like ...
by SarahKH on 01/06/17 11:59AM | Last reply by Henryotte16 on 01/12/17 10:51AM
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SarahKH (Studio Calico Staff Member)
It seems customs wants the Mega Date stamp as much as we do!   The Mega Date st...
by SarahKH on 09/29/16 02:13PM | Last reply by RhondaN on 01/06/17 04:00PM
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The Chicfila kids meal includes a plastic frame kids can decorate and a coupon cod...
by teabiscuit on 08/15/17 11:51PM | Last reply by mandy1632 on 08/17/17 03:49PM
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Does anybody know if there will be another Details mini class this year? I remembe...
by laurarahel on 08/14/17 08:00PM | Last reply by cloudyya on 08/16/17 04:17AM
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actmurray26 (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
@AprilFoster...still begging for SC to bring back the grap/gird paper from years p...
by actmurray26 on 08/12/17 12:05PM | Last reply by actmurray26 on 08/15/17 08:29PM
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TerryB (Silver Rewards Subscriber)
I'm not much of a stamper, but I'm trying and learning as I go. I've decided I don...
by TerryB on 08/11/17 10:40AM | Last reply by TerryB on 08/12/17 12:50PM
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