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christinebk (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
Hi everyone, @piecesofme is a friend and fellow crafter to many here on the SC boa...
by christinebk on 05/15/17 12:05PM | Last reply by Jill_S on 05/24/17 12:30AM
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honeykd (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
Did anyone else see the scrapbooking segment on CBS Sunday Morning on Mother’s Day...
by honeykd on 05/21/17 02:18PM | Last reply by honeykd on 05/21/17 06:16PM
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I will be in the market for a new car in the next few months, and we are leaning t...
by cccjenn on 04/07/17 09:58PM | Last reply by mugsie on 05/17/17 03:58PM
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penny (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
Lately, it's been hard to be a grown up. The "Adulting" stamp set says a lot of it...
by penny on 04/26/17 10:16AM | Last reply by penny on 05/02/17 03:32PM
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penny (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
(It's not 4/30 in my time zone yet, but I'll be at church all morning, so I'm post...
by penny on 04/30/17 12:24AM | Last reply by penny on 05/02/17 03:31PM
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For those of you who have moved with a lot of craft supplies, do you have any tips...
by familyofm on 04/28/17 12:20AM | Last reply by KimberLeigh on 04/30/17 08:28PM
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christieamber (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
How is everyone doing?? Is everyone's week off to a good start?? My week has...
by christieamber on 04/25/17 07:11PM | Last reply by mandy1632 on 04/29/17 02:37PM
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christieamber (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
So, how did we do last week ladies?? I did much better than the week before tha...
by christieamber on 04/18/17 10:08AM | Last reply by maddawg on 04/21/17 09:30PM
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I haven't scrapbooked since mid December and today I've got two toddlers at grandm...
by marysiad on 04/09/17 03:14PM | Last reply by MandieLou on 04/15/17 09:31AM
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