Black Friday Week Flat-Rate Shipping

Shop All Week. Pay $10 Shipping Once.

We love bringing you lots of great deals all week long to save $$$ the week of Black Friday. But we don't want you to have to pay $$$ in shipping. This year we're excited to offer a $10 flat rate ... to cover all your purchases that week. This means you can shop all week long, place as many orders as you want (to the same location), and only pay just $10 for shipping.

How does this work?

This year from November 20th - 27th, we'll be bundling all domestic (US) orders. By bundling all your purchases made throughout the week, and then shipping it to you all together, we can make your shipment the most economical, and offer you one low, economy, flat rate of $10.

When do I get charged for shipping?

The $10 flat rate for shipping will be added to your very first domestic order placed between 11/20/17 and 11/27/17. All subsequent domestic orders placed under the same account within that timeframe will not incur additional shipping costs.

When will my order ship?

All domestic orders placed between 11/20/17 and 11/27/17 will be held until 11/28/17 at which time we will begin processing and shipping those orders via economy shipping. Exact ship date will depend on volume of orders placed during that timeframe. When your bundled order ships you will receive a notification via email.

Is this like bundling?

If you are an SC subscriber, this may sound a lot like your regular bundling period between the 1st and the 5th of each month, where you are able to make additional purchases that all ship together with your monthly kit(s) after the 5th. The process of placing multiple orders that will all accumulate to one shipment will be the same as your subscriber bundling period, but with the inclusion of a $10 flat rate.

Are there exclusions?

Some exclusions do apply, including:

  • International Orders
  • Orders containing only digital items ... in which case, you don't pay for shipping anyway!
  • Shipping Promotion Codes
  • Free Shipping Threshold (read below)

What about the year-round "FREE economy shipping on all domestic orders $79+" offer? 

During the week of 11/20/17-11/27/17 this offer will not be available. All domestic orders of any amount or size will be eligible for the $10 Black Friday Flat Rate Shipping Offer.

Still have questions? Or have a question not answered above? Please start a Conversation with our Customer Service Team. They will be happy to help you!