Color Theory Ink Pad - Blush Crush

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  • Untitled 2 0028 dye buttercup
  • Untitled 2 0026 dye ice ice baby
  • Untitled 2 0024 dye brick house
  • Untitled 2 0023 dye gray area
  • Untitled 2 0022 dye creme brulee
  • Untitled 2 0021 dye lavender soda
  • Untitled 2 0020 dye clear blue
  • Untitled 2 0019 dye lemon zest
  • Untitled 2 0018 dye poppy
  • Untitled 2 0017 dye glass slipper
  • Untitled 2 0016 dye purple rain
  • Untitled 2 0015 dye lime light
  • Untitled 2 0014 dye going green
  • Untitled 2 0013 dye flamingo
  • Untitled 2 0012 dye inky black
  • Untitled 2 0011 dye clean slate
  • Untitled 2 0010 dye doc brown
  • Untitled 2 0009 dye deja blue
  • Untitled 2 0008 dye something blue
  • Untitled 2 0007 dye mint hint
  • Untitled 2 0006 dye emerald city
  • Untitled 2 0005 dye yes peas
  • Untitled 2 0004 dye sunny day
  • Untitled 2 0003 dye orange county
  • Untitled 2 0002 dye coral bay
  • Untitled 2 0001 dye coral bay
  • Untitled 2 0000 dye well red

Color Theory - Studio Calico's Exclusive line of premium dye ink pads.

Each hue is vibrant and modern, tailored specifically to complement your projects. With an array of beautiful colors from Well Red to Clean Slate, the Color Theory inks will bring your vision to life in true color.

Worried about space? These inks are uniquely stackable to maximize space.

The felt pad provides smooth, even coverage with rapid drying times to keep your stamp images clean.

What you'll get

1 Color Theory Premium Dye Ink Pad - Blush Crush

Unique Stackable Design

Rapid Drying

Even Coverage

Felt Pad

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