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  • 2 questions

    I'm not sure if the one question should be here or in the AE section but here goes. I have the DD kit from last year and am really wanting page protectors with 2x2 squares. With all the changes to handbooks and whatnot, which protectors do I need to...
  • Switching from iPhone to Samsung?

    I need a new phone, like...badly. I have an older iPhone & it just doesn't work as well as it once did. I'm really underwhelmed by the 6, especially with its price tag. So- I'm 99.99% sure I am switching to the newest Samsung Galaxy. Has anyone...
  • Tracy's "Far Far Away" Sneaks!

    I'm excited to show you guys a some sneaks of what I've made using the Far Far Away kits! I've been posting them to my Instagram account but for those who don't have that, I'll post them here for you to see as well :)
  • Minc hot foil applicator

    Have you guys seen this?!? I stumbled across it and I think I'm in love! There's not much info (that I can find) but it seems like you can print your own designs using your printer and then run them through the machine and it will apply hot foil. This...
  • Pantone Spring colors

    I just stumbled across this on Pinterest and I love the colors predicted for spring. Especially love the dark classic blue, I am always a sucker for blue ;)
  • Countdown to Christmas

    We here at Studio Calico are getting in on the Holiday cheer, and to kick off the season of festivities we will be hosting our very own "Countdown to Christmas" featuring 10 days of shop specials! Check back here each day for special deals that last...
  • new forums

    Did you see the new message boards for ABM and AE inspiration? Love that SC listens and is constantly making changes/improvements! Thanks :)