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  • Starting cooking with kids?

    My older daughter, who is 6, is obsessed with cooking shows and loves watching Pioneer Woman, Cutthroat Kitchen and now she's watching The Kids Cookoff on Food Network. She asked me this morning if she can start helping me cook. I love this idea, but...
  • Help! Where did my Silhouette library go???

    I downloaded the new edition awhile back, but had only made titles with it. I just went to cut out a shape and my library says EMPTY. Zero files. None. Nada. Is there some easy fix for this that I don't know about?? ;) Thanks in advance!
  • Big blank space in CT gallery?

    Is it just me? I have a huge blank space (as in I have to scroll down through several screens worth of blank space) between Steph Washburn's "Hooray, You Did It" card and Melanie Louette's "Fall Bokeh" page. Something wrong on my end? or is that...
  • Back to School Cards

    I adore the back to school cards, and they are sold out. Is there any chance/possibility that they could be made a digital purchase like the 4th of July cards were? Pretty please? :)
  • I'm officially employed!

    Today I accepted a position as a volunteer coordinator for a non profit foundation that funds extra public school programs. They accept donations and have a storefront entirely run by volunteers. I will only be there five hours a week but I will keep...
  • Tipping For Massage?

    For an early birthday present, I will be going to a day spa and getting a massage. I'm very excited! I had a massage at the same place once before but I later heard that I might not have tipped very well. I am big on tipping but I also have a limited...
  • Bed Rest

    Hi ladies, I am 35 weeks pregnant and at my regular OB appointment yesterday my blood pressure was sky high. I have been admitted to the hospital for more testing and observation as well as a medication to bring my BP down. I am not super surprised...
  • Whose your #1 inspiration?

    When I'm in a rut, not sure how to use a kit, or just not in the zone I always look to @lifelovepaper and @analogpaper for inspiration. I just LOVE their style! Who do you turn to whether it's from the DT or another member?