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  • Anyone NOT watching the Super Bowl?

    I'm a hockey girl, so the Super Bowl is not a big event for me! I might tune into the half time show if I remember though. Anyone else not watching? I'll be happily scrapping and watching Netflix instead :)
  • Rising US dollar, anyone else bothered by it?

    **Obviously I'm speaking to the Internationals here. Please US people, no offence is intended I never used to convert to Aussie dollars, I just used to look at the cost of items purely on a US dollar basis. But now, with the US dollar so high, I've...
  • Say whaaaat?

    Tomorrow is the first and none of the add ons are sold out. I think it's a first on my memory. Is everybody saving pennies for Valentine's Day? I am glad that SC orders enough kits for everyone so nobody is left without add on they want. Maybe Presale...
  • Instagram!!!

    I'm looking for more peeps to follow (and for more to follow me). Anyone up for sharing? This is strictly personal, not for spam purposes. I'm out to get crafty ideas and to share mine! I'm KarineC1199. Thanks!
  • Super Bowl Plans??

    Anyone have big Super Bowl plans for Sunday?! We are getting together with our neighbors and are going to have a "kiddo bowl" before the game! This is the first year my kids have even known what a super bowl is, so kind of excited!! What about...
  • Silk screens in new class kit

    Haven't we seen these before? The plus signs and the flower look familiar. I purchase classes for the kits and digital items (because I never have time to do the actual class!), so I don't want to get something I already have!
  • Printing Digital Journal Cards

    I would like to purchase some of this months journaling cards. I was just wondering what the best way to print them is? I have a decent printer but don't know if it would use too much ink- do you print at home or send them out somewhere? What card...
  • Any Call the Midwife fans?

    I just finished watching the UK show Call the Midwife on Netflix, watched all the episodes in about two weeks. I thought it was a great! Definitely some sad moments though. But I love Chummy so much! I know season four is airing in the UK right now, so...
  • Layouts Falling Apart

    When I was putting all my layouts away yesterday I ran into two problems. Border strips of paper falling off layouts which I had used glue pen adhesive on. And thickers especially the chipboard ones falling off my layouts. I guess I now know to glue...