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  • Decisions decisions

    @marcypenner @gluestickgirl And everybody else! Which filofax do you recommend, where I can find those and if you are planning using from october or beginning on jan 2015? Thank you
  • PL travel kit

    Hi Ladies, I'll be off to college at the end of this month and want to bring some of my PL supplies with me. Like most of you, I've acquired a lot of supplies and I'm trying to bring the "essentials" with me. Was hoping you could share photos or...
  • Free cut files for your Handbook albums!

    I've been working on creating foundation pages/dividers for my December Daily & wanted to share the cut files I made for the Silhouette for anyone who's interested. Some of them are specifically for the DD, but others are basic & can be used for any...
  • New acrylic tutorial!

    It's me again... and again I am coming here to share my creative process with you. This time I prepared a step by step course how I made a layout using Color Theory acrylic paints, Color Theory refillers (I use them as watercolours), I added a...
  • Your Style...Including Your Photos

    Hello, everyone. Hoping to have a very creative day. There are lots of scrappy things on my to-do list. I have a question for you regarding your photos. You know how we all talk about "our style" in regards to the projects we create? I was wondering...
  • Les Frenchies en Septembre!

    Coucou les filles! Aujourd'hui c'est la reprise pour tout le monde, j'ai l'impression! :) Je vous souhaite à toutes une belle rentrée! Pour ma part, on reprend le boulot sur les chapeaux de roue! On démarre notre atelier PL ce soir! Bises à toutes!
  • KB Silhouette class

    Has anyone taken Kerri Bradford's "getting to know you" class? I'm not super new to my Cameo (have had it for almost 2 years) so not sure i want to take it if it's a super beginner course.
  • Rad Fad?

    I don't know if it is just me, but does anyone else not get the whole RAD fad? I see it everywhere. We've had several stamp sets with it. This is not a word that we see often in New England. Rad feels like a California word to me. Here in...
  • 30 Days of Lists - anyone else?

    Who's doing 30 Days of Lists? Just thought I'd ask so I can look for your projects! Also curious what type of book/format/etc. everyone is using. The link is here, if you want to check it out: I am using a small, cheap...