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  • Big Picture Classes

    Feeling very angry with the decision to effectively DELETE previous classes on the BPC site I have about sixty classes archived on the BPC site, so my only option is now to download these classes. Unfortunately due to geography, I do not have access...
  • Paige's Walden Sneaks!

    Oh man, these kits are top notch. I've completed my four layouts, but I have many more rolling around in my noggin' that I hope to translate to actual layouts this week! Can't wait for reveal on the 27th! This sneak is using the stitching templates...

    I'm planning two Advent Calendars this year - one for my 16 y/o sister and another for my 14 y/o sister. Do you have any good ideas for small items to put in each of their days? :) + ideas on how to make the calendar would be appreciated!
  • 2014-2015 Studio Calico Babies!

    We need a new *baby love* list I think. If you're a mama to be in 2014, we'd love to celebrate you!!! December 14, 2013-Viji and her family welcomed a healthy baby girl, named Shreya (6lbs, 1oz) December 24, 2013-keshet and her family welcomed a...
  • If I say it out loud, hold me accountable.

    So. Thinking out loud here. I think my 2014 (yes I work in the past) goal is going to be to use each mostly kit up-ish for each month. It's a realistic goal right? A month in a sitting? Ok. Yes. It is. I can do this! Process videos along the way. :)
  • Deb's Walden Sneaks!

    Here are my sneaks from these fabulous kits! There's so much to love about Walden - the apple and nut stamps in the card kit are so awesome and the PL cards once again are amazing!!
  • New Video Tutorial On My Blog Today

    Hi everyone! Just wanted to share a video tutorial on my blog today. This tutorial will give you a few tips on mass producing this holiday season....and a little taste of what the Send Joy class is all about. I used the Holiday Hello stamp set by...