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  • Lisse Street Reveal - What Did You Grab?!

    Happy Reveal day!! I hope you all really like the kits! What did you grab this month? Link to presale is here :) The PL add-ons are my top picks - no surprise there because they have hot pink and gold in them! I...
  • It's snowing.

    Clearly we are NOT done with winter here. It's snowing and blowing again. So, roll call. Who's dealing with less than Spring-y weather right now! Please tell me I'm not the only one!
  • What do you do?

    So I'm sitting in a work training session in Winnipeg and I was thinking about you, my scrapbooking buddies. What do you do? Are you a teacher? Doctor? Stay at Home Mom? Rocket Scientist? Clown? What's your favourite part? Are you doing what...
  • Chat tonight

    Who will be there??? I worked today so I missed the presale chat, hoping to make it till midnight tonight so I can chat!
  • Last Call

    I missed the chat today (I had to do school) so I was wondering what is the last call for this month? :) Can't wait!
  • Laina already sold out again?!

    Wow...I wasn't sure I wanted anything at reveal so I went ahead and ordered Laina, Fairy Tale and the Tea Time stamp sets because Laina and FT were finally available again. I went to peek at the stamps again and it looks like Laina is sold out AGAIN!?...
  • Wish List Products

    Hey everybody! I thought we needed a 'wish list' thread, mainly to help me out. So if you'll humor me and post/discuss products you'd love to see or products that you wish existed, I'd appreciate it. We could always use design, pattern or...
  • April PL Main - Yay or Nay?

    In my extreme sadness of missing out on Laina (again), I forgot to check out the PL main now that the complete contents are up. I have to say, I'm loving what I'm seeing for the most part! It looks to be the most packed since I started subbing in...