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  • SC CT Ink Quick Reference

    I love these Color Theory inks! I just thought I would do a quick reference card to 2nd and 3rd generation stamping. I've converted to the 2x2 inch coin pocket ink swatch sheets, but it's nice to have it all at a glance.
  • Help please with overlays for WITL

    I just bought the overlays for WITL 2014 and I am not sure how to get started with them. I watched the clip from last year with the way Ali uses them, but I am not sure what I do first. I have downloaded them to my computer but do I need to load...
  • new handbook questions

    Will the holes on the new 6 hole Handbook page protectors line up with any of the 4 holes in the old Handbook albums? Or will the new protectors only fit in the new albums? and can anyone answer about when the rest of the new Handbooks will be...
  • Inspiration Boards

    I've been in my space for a little while now and I THINK I'm ready to start hanging up stuff on the walls. First order of business is an inspiration wall. I think. I'm kinda undecided. Do you have one? What do you use? I've washi-d things...
  • Doilies!

    I see a lot of posts on here and in the SB boards hating on the doilies that come with the kits sometimes, but I would love to see some great uses of doilies, too. Do you have a layout, card, or PL spread that uses a doily? Share it! I would love...
  • WITL

    I'm starting today, for a week. It fits better with some one off's that we have coming up. Anyone else jumping in early?
  • I challenge YOU! 6 days until reveal

    Ok girls! Six days until the new kits are revealed and I never upload my finished projects to my gallery. Lets see use the next 6 days to get our work posted and flood the gallery! Link your layouts here and I will leave you some love!