We empower people to make through inspiration, community and innovative product.

Our story

2007 01 8d0df5a48db5671cab3ea59a9f485a03c6117ce44bb711da37ea5c7a7f8dfef8

April and Scarlett developed the concept for Studio Calico; commissioned Stephen for a logo and Kennon to develop our website.

2007 05 f0970b56b865844d086b4a753f0d2fe8501481efa1444cb80c9d4b255f3acc75

Hired Scarlet, our first employee.

2007 06 dbebe006b3c69cb2363777a87ba3c93609f882dc9ece2d7590a54ffabebbe30e

Studio Calico officially opened for business.

2007 07 d87940f25005c24fca4e65f50d60058191e76574db6d4037aa887d7f45bfe68b

First domestic and international kits shipped.

2007 09 b77e0fb444d6d0340f2e6a7c54dbe9bce0f35a3773ba4fd994f1d4b5154bba44

Moved office to downtown location.

2007 10 a8d3b50dc9b13a4f9c0a030d9b6a9a2f541cd37eef7e5e7f4580744210fff727

Second employee, Lorie, was hired.

2007 12 fb28f954b9ae7be35e046e5964c7455440478a6c58f88f7a94bc9b51fe03787d

1,000 kits shipped.

2008 03 dfdd0a58e1a1f0c0dd1e7ae82d0a4964219bba8fe8ce8d8378226554573ce651

Underwent office expansion.

2008 11 9237b52c2113f8f33ec0b43801c94a715ba75b88de6db128c8a7c9a5954423e0

April and Greg decided to go all-in with the business.

2008 12 23f95e9c218bec4fbcbc9793ddda5cdb9919a82491c702bf4026a7fe90d5b926

Published in Crafting Keepsakes magazine.

2009 01 d55c2b8374bfbb72cbeabb7c6fe010a57b33a91de502d9c1ec4f495903ca63a3

Manufactured first product - map paper by Stephen; 10,000 kits shipped to date.

2009 09 696366c76fc9f6a8c268686f0890eba7042c5feefbfcbfa2bb32bd2cbb05a3de

Home Front, first wholesale collection, is released.

2010 01 a98740508aaa59bf667ec9ac54278a9236ce426b41877b55895a9e4381647f68

Attended first CHA conference; debuted Anthology collection and Mister Huey's.

Moved operations (again) to a larger space.

2011 07 15facd7176261e458d74645a3417e63710eafe87f2dc3e030e4db1d23cf32401

License agreement with Hero Arts begins.

2011 10 63c5ae9837d09b84d212ffd1202a116ad9a8635f1e52a77916c2d90a8188d49b

License agreement with American Crafts begins.

2011 11 2080f91527493e96e8a0eaa25604c89f64d2ac0fa3324138b8289cd3e5cb5caa

Launched second version of our website.

2011 12 bbe4bcd90cd91cfb5a72325c1a2cfaf4a5c83dd28a8340b752cdfd4309b57977

First December Daily kit.

2012 01 2b8bcddbb2b7a27951e882c580e9712d45cdf146cb57cd2ac2b8324dcf4994b7

First Class: Photo a Day with Nicole Samuels opened.

2012 03 7cd5a35deb14f5557ab43eafb9c70c7861d183f6b0099a70d3216afb4805dbe9

Matthew Taylor Wilson (@thewellkeptthing) is hired; 100,000 kits shipped to date.

2012 06 4a734267d61952fb80286d436eceb1932790fb88bf419c5b02bac8292d5970ab

Made the 10,000 likes mark on Facebook.

2012 09 b02ab52dbcbb85133a34e05a5e5518bfbf42155eda2be7f2b8c8c8a1a5452b8c

Card kit subscription is launched.

Moved to Lovers Lane office.

2013 01 14af94ab4131b0f951b84b36be204f78e7db9c5717e5a14a7a5f55985a03cbc3

Project Life® kit subscription is launched.

2013 02 25ca08a09108cb388054a2539ce3fed70f0fce5b7ddb42e47ed772a887c17d6d

Chemex coffee brewer was brought in; staff productivity before 10 am increased 3,000%.

2013 05 dd84166ebb39abed025a85b38d917295148737827f9aa3b48ef5653c8515555f

Camp Calico, our first Creative Team retreat, takes place.

2013 06 6b56508a8169a29aa9f425c9b01d3ef156e939b0c1ca0942d9f8f0ca1cc9ce5c

Hit 20k likes on Facebook.

2013 09 33217f128736f6aadfbc1ff564f15d4a958fbb0d564efa97cfef44eaa44264c2

Realized the importance of proofing.

2013 10 f524b705be01590c6dc91150e53d9548e8f9287cb36b77adf20952a591647738

Further realization of proofreading's importance.

2013 11 31ec3671aa8bc2dc9d4524039fc4e840b13c450a3278903e277550a4d1ca21a2

Mobile Responsive version of website is launched.

2013 12 03e2a908150e7d4881e0d7060a8f1569c23b69bd7ba1832ec7bc19a36e67085c

Featured on Inc 5000 list.

2014 01 71a6ec2c1d4744cfb138352a57e2ee464cad1fe36d8bafb5ddeec40ab8768a23

200,000 member project images uploaded to the Gallery.

2014 02 20280389863caa4a3eb229598f1ec1efdfff4d40b3e5db1c61e6ad5815aaed02

Studio Calico boxes shipped to 79 countries; hit 30k likes on Facebook.

2014 04 8aa803c4095eaa7ef42d3a9626606de6e2d52b9ad886a0ee00bec90ebfd24d2d

Outgrew our office (again). Moved to a new location at Corporate Court.

2014 08 05cdfeb1d7f00366e62b1b61f6b71f83957028288172773a682050ebfcb2d14a

Acquired Big Picture Classes.

2014 09 12a8852b54fe4d45c563705ae22249adb3827ccdf0245090d2e9ebe449939d4d

Partnered with Ali Edwards to launch a brand new AliEdwards.com.

2014 10 4edd126bd1cc6bdb9cae089a9f49b82b9fa82aa2ddec2e9cc34d2028a15900af

Partnered with A Beautiful Mess to launch a new shop.abeautifulmess.com.

2015 01 0801831a875d7c46f843aac322297adfe50d378cee67a83cb65629d077173146

Added big talent to our team.

2015 02 bc24eb4409f404f6e6053d2f7abc4b392c5fb063e31a5d297e46f3030170770e

Launched a brand new Big Picture Classes platform with unlimited training for $9.95/month.

2015 03 f5a6d5c3be0454a8c845230e56e5d3c89ba003ed283f1935c8217fa085b2e93e

Outgrew again and moved Marketing team back to Lover's Lane office.

2015 04 f5deb788d84aa3b5c1f6947faf996edf6b1694f31b2e59c59ef3e017137d275b

Announced our brand new planner kit subscription.

2015 04b 1ba39095d901400c964c6bfe4bf084ac92b8dcc862cad58f275f3c21226d5d6f

Realized we still don't have enough parking (but don't worry–we saved a spot for you.)

2015 05 bb844c968b8e59baad87e903cce3d05aa4334c46f365dd95cd29f6f1cdab49bf

Reached 50k followers on Instagram.

2015 01 0801831a875d7c46f843aac322297adfe50d378cee67a83cb65629d077173146

The big talent we added to our team in January, CFO Ken Marshall, passed away, leaving behind a legacy and a spirit that we will continue to learn from and uphold. Our sincerest gratitude to Ken and the Marshall family.

2015 07 9fb38ee1a4d10157d132268f1d533bb070e33d393484ce00536038d7ea7d3b11

Launched a new StudioCalico.com.

2015 10 f23cdebfabb4f69030eca1763a76726acd722c55c92fdd228512719872750384

Partnered with TomKat Studio to launch a new TheTomKatStudio.com.

2015 10b a89428b900828381e48a9e6a5c3d5b7564b039c8e099bab5e1b87e87f11f0447

Partnered with Baby Boy Bakery to launch a new BabyBoyBakery.com.

The SC difference


From the premium weight cardstock to the beautiful packaging, quality is what we are known for. Once it arrives, we take the extra time to test and quality-assure each item before it leaves our warehouse so it arrives to you as perfect as possible.


Spanning continents and time zones across the globe, our community learns from each other, shares ideas, and cultivates lifetime friendships. It's so much more than crafting.


Our team of designers comes from around the world, and each brings a unique set of skills to the table. Fueled by puns, food, and smiles, they take great pride in creating custom, beautiful products you won't find anywhere else.

Customer Experience

Whether you're new to papercrafting or you've been at it for decades, our team thrives on making sure you enjoy every minute. Customers at Studio Calico have a community to lean on, exclusive products to create with, and an experienced Customer Experience staff available to answer questions quickly and efficiently.