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  • Too much the same?

    Am I alone in thinking that there was a lot of overlap in the scrabooking kit and the card kit. I love the 6x6 paper but I really didn't need Double of a lot of the embellishments. Love you studio calico but I hope this changes.
  • Store stock for PL

    I'm in need of a new album for PL and for ali Edwards class "one little word". I'd like to order everything from here to help saveo shipping. Does anyone know what (if any) of that type of thing will be stocked in the store.
  • Want to improve

    My photo taking skills are terrible :P I have a nice camera and once in a while I get lucky but I need some help with, not just the camera settings, but how to tkae a picture. Has anyone taking any of the online classes and were they worth the money?
  • 27th yet???!!??

    I've always been excited about the new release every month but, this month I'm literally not going to make it. I CANNOT wait until the 27th at noon. I want to see all of the new shop items for PL. I want to see the full kits. I want to see what's in the P