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  • 6x8 it is!

    2 of the new Goldie Handbooks are on their merry way to my house! I decided on 6x8 for next year. I am super excited to get started in a new format in the new year :) I also started a Pinterest board devoted to ideas for 6x8 if anyone wants to follow...
  • what size Handbook next year??

    I did 9x12 this year and I really liked it, but I am really drawn to the 6x8 Handbook. I love the little size, sometimes the big page is hard to fill up and make look cohesive. Decisions, decisions..... What size are you doing next year??
  • Elliot bundle video

    Hey! I just wanted to let you all know that I have a video up in the gallery showing the Elliot bundle from the shop :)