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How to Add Blinkies to your Blog 08/14/2008

Instructions for blogger

First choose the blinkie you'd like to add.
Copy the URL by right-clicking the image and selecting "Copy Image Location"

Then, go to your blogger home page and choose "Layout"

Choose "Add a Gadget"

A list pops up, click on the "+" next to "Picture"

You can choose to leave the Title and/or Caption blank

For "Link", enter ""

For "Image", select "From the Web"
In the box beneath, paste the URL you copied in the first step by pressing CTRL+V or right-click and select "Paste"

Click "Save" and you should now see the new blinkie on your blog!

Instructions for Typepad

Right click on the blinkie

Save it to your computer

Upload it to photobucket

Copy the HTML code on a 'typelist' in typepad

To make the blinkie a link to SC, you can use it as a "Link" type. You use the blinkie html code as the title, and leave the url as