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Quiet Book Tutorial 1 12/30/2008

Quiet Book Tutorial
by April Foster

If any of you know me very well, you know I struggle with mini albums. Perhaps it’s because I don’t have children of my own, so I rarely have enough pictures to constitute an entire album, thus leaving me to use my photos to create layouts instead. But, the idea of a quiet book (courtesy of Amy Combs) where I didn’t have to use photos was very appealing to me.

To make this book, you’ll need the FOOTNOTES add-on plus a few extra supplies:
1. Scissors
2. Basic Grey File Set
3. Exacto Knife
4. 1 brad of your choosing
5. Sticky-back Velcro (available at any craft/hobby store or Wal-Mart)
6. Black journaling pen (I used an AC .03 precision pen)
7. Liquid Adhesive (I used Zip Dry – love that stuff!!!)
8. 1 sheet of black cardstock
9. Paper Piercer (or Cropadile)

And, if you’d like to add paint/ink, I used the following:
1. Modern Red paint (Claudine Hellmuth)
2. Altered Orange paint (Claudine Hellmuth)
3. Yellow Pastel paint (Claudine Hellmuth)
4. Landscape Green paint (Claudine Hellmuth)
5. Classic Teal paint (Claudine Hellmuth)
6. Blank Canvas paint (Claudine Hellmuth) – you really need this one to prime the blackboard, but more on that later
7. 7 pc Brush Set (Claudine Hellmuth)
8. Staz-on Black Ink pad
9. Map Stamp from BIBLIOGRAPHY, main kit
10. Cameo Coral ink pad (Stampin’ Up!)
11. Going Gray ink pad (Stampin’ Up!)

Before starting on my mini-book, I first drew out on a separate sheet of paper how I wanted to lay it out. This took some trial and error, so don’t be afraid to experiment using my ideas, Jenn’s, Kelly’s, or Kirsty’s, but since this book has windows, I do suggest starting with a plan.

Beginning with the cover, I first adhered the title using Zip Dry on the Retro Mix Blackboard. Then, I primed the letters with 2 coats of the Blank Canvas paint. I used the next to largest brush. Then, I added the paints I listed above to the letters (2 coats on some and one coat on others, just use your judgment). To make the patterns on each letter, I used the smallest brush in the set. One thing I love about Claudine’s paint is that there is no waste using it because I dipped right from the cute little jar.


On the next page, I created my own cage for the zoo. To do this, cut the Louie patterned paper to 5x4” and a sheet of black cardstock to 6x4.5”. Adhere the patterned paper as below and angle the bottom corners with scissors. This part will be folded under and adhered directly to your album to make a pocket.


To make the bars in the cage, I followed the pattern on the paper with my exacto knife on a self-healing mat.


If you’d like, you can stitch using a machine or by hand and add the label from the OA sticker sheet and the word “zoo.” For all the lettering that was done like the word “zoo” throughout the book, I simply rubbed the OA alphabet onto the B side of the Animal friends paper, then cut out around it with scissors.
For the animals on the next page, I used the Cosmo Cricket sticker sheet on the blackboard, then filed the edges with the BG files. I also lightly sanded the top for a more distressed look, but that’s optional, of course. Each of the animals is Velcro-ed on the page. On the animals I placed the soft side of the Velcro, and onto the book I placed the rough side. I did this because tender little hands are likely to touch and hold the animals more often than the page of the book. (The same is true for every Velcro piece in the remainder of the album.)



The next page is the cars page. The car on the left is fully mounted onto blackboard and sanded (I also drew a border on the car with my journaling pen), but serves no function except for looks. The base of the dump truck is mounted on blackboard, but the moveable part is not. I used the sticker from the Cosmo Cricket Jack’s World sticker sheet on black cardstock, then cut around it.


Then, I punched a hole through both the dump truck and book for the brad using my paper piercer. You may also use a cropadile for this. After my brad was in place, I flipped back to the other page and covered the back of the brad with a square of Velcro.



On the train page, I used the same technique of stickers and sanding and they are adhered with Velcro. The tracks were made by cutting the B side of the Animal Friends paper freehand to look like train tracks.


The laundry layout took a bit more work. I used the tree mounted on the coordinating blackboard piece, then cut the clothes (and clothesline) by hand using the Animal Friends, Louie, and Playtime papers from the kit. I decorated the edges of the clothing with the Cosmo Cricket and OA stickers, then mounted the patterned paper onto black cardstock for stability. I stitched the edges with a machine, then added buttons from the kit with ZipDry adhesive (love that stuff!). I also added Velcro to the backs of the clothing.



For the basket, I used cut the Blankie patterned paper to the following dimensions:
· Width at top: 3.75” (9.5cm)
· Width at bottom: 2.75” (7cm)
· Height: 2.5” (6cm)
Then, I mounted on a piece of black cardstock that was an extra ½ inch on each side. I angled the corners the same way the zoo corners were cut to make a pocket. You may add the decorative sticker strip and sew if you’d like.



For the final spread, I put a house on the left side of the opening. I mounted the stickers on the blackboard for the roof and body of the house and put Velcro on them. For the door, I placed the sticker directly on the book.


On the opposite page, the girl is glued directly onto the book using ZipDry. The flowers were made by layering the felt and sewing a button on the back. After that, I adhered the Velcro so they can be “picked.”



I hope you find this tutorial helpful when assembling your quiet book. There are so many ideas and variations you can do if you choose. Add a page with a clock with moveable hands, add photos of your little one like Kelly, or move buttons along a string as in Jenn’s album. There are so many ways to construct this book and make it your own!