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WorkspaceThis month's guest designer, Lexi Bridges, is letting us take a peek into her scrap space : 

Until 1.5 months ago I was scrapping on a concrete floor in the world's messiest scrap/storage room. "Hoarders" would not be proud. Or maybe they would. Anyway, it wasn't pretty. We turned our john deere room (an extra room in your basement to drive in your lawnmower for anyone not in the midwest) into a new space for me to scrap and teach. (I homeschool part of the week.) The room had concrete floors, part concrete walls/part unfinished walls, no light to the outside world and an unfinished ceiling. Not pretty. I've only been in this space about 6 weeks, but the remodel was well worth it. 

The desk is Ikea. That might be the theme of this room: Ikea. An orange vintage Herman Miller chair might have been the best birthday surprise ever. 


This clear container came from Target, bathroom section. It has some current favorites and project life stuff. My much used selphy printer sits right beside. 

I made a few simple shelves with just pine boards and Ikea brackets. They serve a decorating and practical purpose: a place to put books I never have time to read...


a spot for my instax camera so I remember to use it, gold dinosaurs (because every room needs a gold dino or two, right?)...


and my ever growing collection of wood veneers. Jars are from Hobby Lobby. Lego robot from my son :)


My top two desk drawers might be my favorite. They hold my newest product. I also have a drawer that has a secret candy/snack stash. Shhh... (It's the fourth drawer on the left in case you ever come over.)


To the right of my desk is my cameo and paper. Yep, the paper you see there is seriously it. Shocked? I was purging paper into piles on my floor, it rained, flooded my new room and all the paper was wet & ruined. Hey--it's a quick way to decide what to get rid of.


To the left of my desk is the cart of the moment. I use mine for stamping: small stamps in the top, bigger ones in bins below, and ink at the bottom. If I don't see my stuff I tend not to use it, especially stamps, so having a station like this I can wheel it over and actually use them. Thickers, small alpha and label stickers are in a wire basket that I still need to hang. 


Behind my desk is the ever popular expedit unit. Mine is filled with vintage wire baskets.


I think my favorite basket is B88.


At the back of the room is one of my favorite pieces ever and it was free, so that's a huge bonus. I was told it was an old mailer sorter. 208 cubbies to fill. Currently ribbon rolls and punches reside here. 


But...let's be real. This is a serious illusion. My room is never, EVER this clean. Ever. On a good day it looks like this :


....and usually it looks much, much worse. And that's with the floor covered in junk, too. Just thought you should know ;)

Thanks for looking around my room today! If you have any questions I would be happy to answer them. -Lexi Bridges

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    GORGEOUS Space, I love, love, love it!

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