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Hello SC friends! I'm excited to share my space with you today! My scrap space is actually the formal living room in our home. When we added a third boy to the family 2.5 years ago, we ran out of bedrooms, so the formal living room space (that we never used!) became the logical place to house all of my scrap stuff.

Since the room is the first room that people see when they come into our home, it was really important to me that the space look presentable with plenty of closed storage. We all know how messy craft spaces can get and I wanted to be able to put any messes away behind closed doors.

The majority of my furniture came from IKEA. I'm a big fan of the Billy bookcase system and it worked perfectly to create a wall of closed and open storage. This way, I could display some pretty things in the open shelving and keep the not so pretty things (tools, embellishment storage, etc.) behind the closed doors.

My desk space is just a wooden countertop from IKEA with some white spindle legs (also from IKEA) screwed into the bottom. I use half of the desk space for my computer and then the other half I use as a workspace for creating layouts and projects. Since I print photos at home, print journaling on my PL cards, etc. I love having my computer space and workspace close.

My favorite storage piece is this Alex drawer set from IKEA. In fact, I could use one or two more in my space! Three of the drawers hold the three most recent kits (this photo was taken last year, hence the old kit in there). I rotate the kits out once a new one comes in. All of the embellishments and papers from the oldest kit go into my closed storage and are organized by type (embellishment, paper, stamps, etc.). The top drawer holds my most often used tools -- trimmer, scissors, adhesive, my favorite pens, etc. and the others hold general office supplies that we use for everyday stuff.

Thanks for letting me share a small peek into my workspace! I'm happy to answer any questions about the space if you have any!

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  1. akkpenn says…

    Thanks for showing us your space. I, too, love the Billy Bookcases and Alex Drawers. I could only fit two of each in my room, but they are the best storage I have ever had. IKEA storage is great!

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  2. jrshapiro says…

    Beautiful space Kelly! Wish I could be this organized!! I agree those Alex drawers are the best!

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  3. kathleen says…

    Thanks for sharing your space Kelly! Im in the process of changing my home office into a craft space, but it too is visible from the main entrance of the house. Im off to checkout those bookcases!

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  4. mugsie says…

    How do you find the depth of the drawers in the Alex? I've looked at it a bajillion times but always pass thinking the drawers aren't deep enough? And same for the billy bookcases, is the depth of them good? Can you store albums on the shelves? :) **currently in a pickle trying to organize, again lol, my scrap room. It's an odd shape so it's making it tricky, aaand the floors aren't level. I love how clean and bright your space is :)

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  5. sideoats says…

    Just now saw this @KellyNoel! LOVE!!! I am working on my space and yours is so inspiring! xo

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