Tutorial: Using Your Hello Forever Planner for Memory Keeping with Lisa Truesdell

Hi everyone! I'm back with another week in my Hello Forever planner. I am really enjoying this way of everyday memory keeping - it's been so easy to fit into my weekly routine.

Today, I'll be sharing a trick to add hidden journaling to your planner! I wanted to try including a larger photo this week, but it left me without much extra space for the story that went with it. Here's how I incorporated it without making the page look cluttered.

I started this spread by stamping the Pattern Building stamp across each of the daily sections - and guess what, it's a perfect fit! I did all of mine with one color ink, but this would be a fun way to block out different sections of your week.

I then arranged my photos across the week. I had a couple of pieces of large memorabilia (a map that accompanied Ben's Humanities project, and Alex's honor roll certificate), so I opted to photograph those so they'd be small enough to fit into my planner.

I started decorating on the left page, with some strips of washi tape and chipboard letters. I had a small internal struggle about adding dimension to the planner pages... and then decided I was going to use whatever made me happy.

At this point, I realized I was going to need a bit more space to write out the story of the snow goons (thanks, Calvin & Hobbes!) in our backyard. I anchored my photo at the top with a strip of washi so that it can flip up. Then I stamped journaling lines under it, leaving me plenty of room to write. I let the journal lines peek out from under the photo on either side so that you'll know there's something hiding beneath! You could also use a tab at the bottom of the photo to help indicate that you can flip it up.

Time to work on the second page! I started by adding a bit of paper from a restaurant we visited. I never can resist a bit of good paper, and I love that the planner gives me a home for all of them.

I used a stamp from the addon and some grid sticky notes to fill in more of the week. I have to admit that I REALLY didn't stick with what day these photos were taken on... I went more with what looked good.

Before calling the week done, I added a little pink over to the right side with the puffy asterisks and a washi strip.

I'd love to see how YOU all use your planners for memory keeping - please share in the comments below!

Supplies : Hello Forever Planner; kits - Arendal Scrapbook kit, Arendal planner kit, Nes Verk add-on; stamp set - Pattern Builder; ink - Color Theory Glass Slipper & Clean Slate

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  1. Carson says…

    I love your spread, I just put the pattern builder stamp in my pre-order cart because of you, I can't wait to use it with my planner, Yay!

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