Go inside retrohipmama's Hello Forever Planner!

Hi & hello!

My name is Andrea and in the crafty world I am better known as retrohipmama. Today I am inviting you inside my new Hello Forever Planner. Marcy designed this planner with just the right mix of personality, fun and freedom and I am here as a guest to share my setup with you!

It’s so wonderful to be here!

Not only will I highlight some of my favorite things about the Hello Forever Planner below - but I did a complete video walk through too! That video is here if you wanna check it out!

We'll start with the dashboard.

I totally dig the simple pockets on the inside cover. There is a big one for larger items and then there are shorter ones for smaller items. For me, it's simple and not overwhelming. I keep a little quote, a spare paperclip and my bullet journaling key.

The planner also comes with 6x8 pocket pages so I quickly added some cards and personalized what I see when I open my planner.

The best part about the Hello Forever Planner is how customizable it is! I moved pages around, moved sections out and added tabs with my own sections. All the while, maintaining the monthly and weekly foundation that’s at the heart of the planner.

I am using the TO DO lists to make different customized lists. I added a strip of washi and made my own title so I can keep different ongoing lists.

The acetate dividers are absolutely gorgeous and provided the perfect transition page to my customized sections.

There are seriously so many things I adore about this planner. The polka dots, number one! The free format of the weekly and monthly pages allows for endless creativity. The added touches of pocket pages, gorgeous patterns and simple designs are what made me hit the buy button on this baby.

Thank you for joining me today!

Happy planning!

You can also find me here:
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  1. bckueser says…

    Thanks for sharing this Andrea - I wasn't going to be a planner girl either but here I am looking at #2! I really love the video - great job at demonstrating how it's both pretty and functional. Loved the walk through.

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  2. retrohipmama says…

    thanks beshka!! i swear it's like a drug - and "EVERYONE'S DOING IT!!" ;) let me know if you decide officially, i'd love to see what you do with yours!

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  3. kathleen says…

    I love how you've customized your planner! Great walk through!!!

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  4. melanielouette says…

    Very inspiring!! I have this exact planner but haven't had the time ( or guts) to start writing in it.

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  5. eugenie says…

    Thanks for this video . And this planner is really beautiful

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  6. CatherineDavis says…

    I loved watching this. So fun to see your interpretation of the planner!

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