Workspace Wednesday | Maren Becker

Hello everyone, it’s Maren here today and I’m sharing a peek into my craft space with you.

Unlike some lucky ladies, I do not have a separate craft room. I live in a two-room apartment and just moved my desk into a corner of my living room, right by the window. I love this space, it’s so cozy with a lot of natural light. I do all my crafting, sewing and picture editing here.

On the desk I store some of my basic supplies like scissors, stapler, washi tape and pens. Also a must-have (though not craft related) is a bunch of fresh flowers <3 During spring time I especially enjoy tulips!

My Silhouette Portrait sits on the desk most of the time since I use it really often.

My sewing machine is essential, too! (Mostly for sewing clothes but I actually use it for paper crafting too sometimes.)

Aaaand this is where the magic happens! I store most of my go to supplies in two BIG boxes and one that is a little smaller. The small box contains my stamps, in the big boxes I store my PL cards and all of my PL supplies from the Studio Calico Kits. The great thing about these boxes is that they are "mobile." I love to take them with me into my bedroom sometimes or to the sofa. That way I have all supplies with me and they don’t take up too much space. It’s so handy!

Aren’t these little mason jars just adorable? And so perfect for storing my beloved wood veneer words and flair buttons!

I usually break up my kits after a month (when a new kit arrives) and sort the supplies by "type." I have little boxes/compartments for enamel dots and puffies, stickers, die cuts, transparencies, etc. I love digging through all these treasures! <3

I hope you enjoyed this little tour of my scrap space.

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. CeliseMcL says…

    I applaud your organization in such a small space. Love the natural light.

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  2. HannahBrown98 says…

    It's so nice to see someone with a space that mainly consists of a desk in the corner like mine! Your organization is awesome. And you are inspiring me to buy some fresh flowers for my craft desk...I LOVE having flowers in my bedroom on the dresser, but somehow the thought of putting some on my craft desk never crossed my mind.

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  3. lasteve1 says…

    I laugh because our taste is so similar... I have that same gold "hello" from west elm right? But mine is on the bookshelf in the living room. I have a similar, slightly larger, wooden one painted aqua by my desk next to my imac and I always try to have a vase of fresh flowers right behind it--my favorite are tulips. I also have that light aqua bucket from the target dollar spot :)

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  4. elisai says…

    i love the boxes! where did you get those?

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  5. rhondaw says…

    Nice space. I am also curious about the boxes, and love the PL one with the dividers!

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  6. confettiheart says…

    Thank you ladies! Glad you like my tiny llovely craft space.
    @CeliseMcL Thank you! I fall in love with the light each day!
    @lasteve1 No, it's from a store in Germany ;-) But funny you seem to have almost the same!
    @elisai @rhondaw The black box for the PL cards is from IKEA. I got the red boxes for free from my former employer. We used them to send Christmas gifts to clients but had so many of the boxes left after Christmas that we were allowed to take some for ourselves.
    @HannahBrown98 And to me it never occurred to put flowers into my bedroom. I mean, I'm asleep in here most of the tome, so why add flowers? ;-)

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