Tutorial: Using Your Hello Forever Planner for Memory Keeping with Lisa Truesdell

Hi, everyone! Back at the start of March, we took a family trip over spring break. While I'm sure I'll be documenting the trip in both layouts and a mini album, I also wanted to make sure that I had an overview in my Hello Forever planner. Join me as I share how the week came together!

I started by printing just one photo from each day and arranging them in my planner. It could be easy to get stuck on this step - I took waaaaaaaaaaaaay too many photos while we were in Florida! Just try and pick your favorite, or something that you feel really represents each day. I printed my photos at 2x2in and 2x3in to make sure I had room to add journaling and embellishments.

Since this was a special week, I wanted to add a title to the "notes" section up at the top of my week. I combined a stencil from the Film Club Documenter kit along with some stamps and embellishments to get things started.

Next up, I added a trio of strips from the washi tape in the Film Club Documenter kit. With the small size of a planner spread, I like to repeat elements to keep things from looking too cluttered.

To add a little color, I added circle accents to each photo - again, going with repetition to add a little consistency. The vellum circles are from the Planner kit, and the epoxy ones are from Documenter.

The label stamp in the Documenter kit was a perfect way to add captions to a few of my photos. I layered it with the dots stamp to add a little more interest. And again, I used it three times. What can I say? I love visual triangles!

Rather than add a ton of journaling, I opted to just add our itenerary for each day. I also went back and added a date stamp to each day since my photos covered most of the dates.

And to finish things off, I grabbed a highlighter and added a little pink to each of my stamped labels.

Wherever your travels take you, I hope you can use these ideas to quickly recap your adventures in your own planner. I'd love to see what you make - link me up in the comments!

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  1. MeganR says…

    Hi Lisa, your photos always looks so nice and fresh. Do you use a particular filter on them?

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  2. Sophiesticated says…

    Neat! Just got the Hello Forever planner. Like how you used it!

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  3. gluestickgirl says…

    @meganr - sorry i missed this earlier! i edit all of my photos with radlab (on my computer) or pictapgo (on my phone)!

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