Using Roman Holiday in Your Traveler's Notebook with Morgan Stockton

While the work weeks have been short recently, I can’t really say that the holidays were particularly relaxing. So with the end of the madness finally here, I decided in early January to extend my “short weeks” just one more week and take a half-day for a weekend trip to Chattanooga.

Since it was a short trip—and honestly, I’m getting to the last few pages in my traveler’s notebook insert—I decided to try and pack the whole weekend into one single spread. This meant just picking out a couple highlights from the weekend and talking about those. It was a perfect way for me to still include what was honestly a pretty chill weekend in my notebook, but also not dedicate pages-on-pages to just one day (which I’m sometimes prone to do). SO! What were my highlights? Packing up, a rough car ride, couch snuggles, getting snowed in, and puppy lovins’. This spread is really just a whole lot of pictures with some assorted embellishments + journaling. 

The day started early with me juggling getting ready for work, packing up the car, and somehow keeping Maple from unpacking her bag. On this section, I’ve just created some layering with one of the journal cards from the Document Kit. Since the photo I took was kind of dull (boo for it still being DARK out when I wake up in the mornings), I liked how the aqua brought out the few pops of color in the photo. I then continued my layering with one of the adorable stickers from the Roman Holiday Planner Kit (the explore one was perfect, especially with how Maple just looks ready for her adventure), one of the small day-of-the-week stickers, and then a lead-in piece of washi from the Sabrina add-on. You’ll see that I like to use washi throughout my spread as directional embellishments to move you through the page. 

Then came the rough car ride… I love these “text message log” cards in the Roman Holiday Documenter Kit. Most of my conversations happen via text, so it just makes sense to document them that way. This particular convo happened between my mom and I. Since I didn’t have room for a photo message, I just layered the photo I sent over the text boxes to give a sense of those items being connected. Poor Maple had a rough time of it. 

The right side of my spread is just jam packed with photos (because secretly that’s the most important part, right?). Since I was going to have to layer to fit all of it in, I just embraced the overlapping and ran with it. I have multiple types of washi from the Sabrina kit overlapping and creating little nooks for me to journal in. Then there’s a couple BIG, BOLD titles for items that didn’t necessarily need extensive journaling—FIRST SNOW for, well, Maple's first snow at the cabin and BOY MAG(net) for when both Josh and his roommate just couldn’t resist giving Maple kisses and cuddles. The puffy heart stickers were the perfect touch to show all the love going down while Maple struggled to give Blake more kisses. 

This weekend was laid back, but it still fit perfectly in my traveler’s notebook. Don’t be afraid to break out the good scrapbooking stuff for even the “boring”, everyday things! ;) 

Supplies: Kits – Roman Holiday Planner Kit, Roman Holiday Documenter Kit, Sabrina Add-on Kit; Other – Metal Gel Pen Silver, Walnut Traveler, Color Theory Clips – Well Red

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