Using the Hey Girl Scrapbook Kit with Maggie Massey

Bright, bold colors and design always catch my eye. And if that bright, bold color and design is attached to some of the coolest vellum numbers ever to exist, well then, all the better!

When I first saw the large vellum numbers in the "Hey Girl" Scrapbook Kit, I knew right away they would have to be the focus of a scrapbook page. But I wasn't quite sure how I wanted to use them. Should they be used to specify a date? Or an age? Or a countdown? I just wasn't sure. And I knew that I didn't want them to overpower my photo...but, at the same time, I wanted them to be prominent. Hmmm. 

I had taken a few shots of my daughter at Easter that I wanted to get scrapped, so I printed one of my favorites and started to play around with its placement in relation to a few of the numbers. I thought maybe I could use the numbers to signify my daughter's birthday—but that wasn't happening for a few weeks at the time, and, quite frankly, I didn't want to have to go back and print another photo (lazy). So I kept thinking. Of course, I thought about the date the photos were taken (4/1/18), but I had only two 1s and I wanted to layer each number. Again...hmmm. 

Then it dawned on me! I'll just use the alpha stamp included in the kit to add the day to my date! 

I layered my numbers up and overlapped them a bit on my photo. I really like the way this looks. It kind of makes the photo more a part of the design and allows you to focus on just the subject in the photo. 

Finishing up my page was just a matter of stamping the "one" from 4/1/18 over my vellum number 1 and adding a few more embellishments. Puffy stickers for the win! 

A single strip of washi tape from the kit placed along the bottom edge of my page adds a bit more color to this simple layout. 

Thank you so much for taking a look! I hope I've inspired you to keep thinking—maybe outside the box a little—when you're stuck with a piece you really want to use but may not know how to right away.

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