As a Studio Calico Rewards Program subscriber, you will earn rewards faster and easier for you to purchase the paper-crafting supplies you need and want.

More discounts, more often
Save on shop and add-on purchases
Switch your subscription type


Special discounts Special Discounts

Receive a discount on your shop, add-on, classroom and digital purchases.

Switch subscription type Switch Subscription Type

Switch your subscription type as much as you'd like AND keep the lowest rate. (Just be sure to let us know by the 25th of the month.)

Discounted cancellation fee Discounted Cancellation Fee

​In the Creative and Fanatic tiers, receive a discounted cancellation fee.

How To Earn

Earn one Subscribe to a kit

Choose one of our four kit types! Whether you enjoy pocket-based or traditional scrapbook layouts, create cards from scratch or crave designer products to organize your life, we've got a kit that's right for you.

Earn two Make purchases

Stock up on paper-crafting supplies in our Shop, as well as add-on to your kits during Preview and Reveal. Every purchase will earn you more rewards and make it easier to reach a higher tier.

Earn three Over time

Continue your subscription with us, and once you hit the 12-month mark or purchase $500 in product in the past 12 months you'll hit the Inspired tier!

Three Tiers

Rewards title
Pink star



Subscriber for at least 12 months or have purchased $500 in product in the past 12 months

Silver star



Subscriber for at least 24 months or have purchased $1,000 in product in the past 12 months

Gold star



Subscriber for at least 36 months or have purchased $1,500 in product in the past 12 months

Discount on shop & add-on purchases 5% 10% 15%
Discount on Calico Classrooms 15% 20% 25%
Discount on digital purchases 25% 50% 75%
Can switch to a different subscription at any time*
Subscription cancellation fee 30% discounted Waived
Pink star


  • 5% discount on shop and add-on purchases
  • 15% discount on Calico Classrooms
  • 25% discount on digital purchases
  • Can switch to a different subscription at any time*
Silver star


  • 10% discount on shop and add-on purchases
  • 20% discount on Calico Classrooms
  • 50% discount on digital purchases
  • Can switch to a different subscription at any time*
  • 30% discounted subscription cancellation fee
Gold star


  • 15% discount on shop and add-on purchases
  • 25% discount on Calico Classrooms
  • 75% discount on digital purchases
  • Can switch to a different subscription at any time*
  • Annual gift
  • Waived subscription cancellation fee


When will this go into effect?

The new rewards program was initially introduced in January 1, 2016 and has been amended effective August 1, 2016 to include members without an active subscription. This means that you could qualify for the program based on spend alone.

How can I tell which tier I am in?

You may view your current rewards status, as well as how close you are to entering the next tier, in a My Rewards section in your account dashboard. (Note: This feature is currently active for those with an active subscription. Anyone who qualifies via spend without an active subscription will have an active dashboard by the end of September.)

Can I switch subscriptions?

Once you qualify for the first tier of the Rewards program, you are considered a rewards member. As a rewards member you may switch your active subscription at anytime and still receive the lowest commitment price. If you choose to cancel this subscription the cancellation fee is waived only if you notify us by the 25th of the month.

Will I continue to get a special discount on add-ons?

Yes! Rewards members enjoy discounts on add-ons and other items. Your level of discount will depend on your tier. Consult your dashboard to view your current tier.

Will we still have priority shipping?

Due to operational changes to increase shipping efficiency, we will no longer offer priority shipping to Rewards members. However, due to the efficiency improvements we have made, we anticipate Reward members will experience no significant changes in when their orders are shipped out.

Does my monthly subscription contribute towards my tier?

Yes, subscription and kit costs are included in this qualifier along with shop and add-on purchases.

What do I have to do to remain in the current tier that I'm in?

Tier levels are met by time spent as a Studio Calico subscriber, or by purchase amount in the past 12 months. If you have a achieved a tier level by meeting a monetary requirement, you could fluctuate levels based on your past twelve months spend. Make sure to check your My Rewards dashboard periodically.

Do my discounts apply to sale items?

No, you will receive whatever is the greater discount.

Can my discounts be combined with promo codes?

Your Rewards member discount cannot be combined with promo codes. If you apply a promo code that is a greater discount than your Rewards discount, the promo code will be applied. For example, if you use a code which discounts pigment stamps by 40%, this will not be stacked with your Rewards discount unless specified within the promotion.

Can I start a subscription during a promotion?

You are welcome to start a subscription during a promotion however you will be subject to cancellation fees regardless of your Rewards status.

When this program begins, do I have to start from the lowest tier?

Your current Rewards Subscriber tier is based on the cumulative amount of time you have been a Studio Calico subscriber and/or your purchase amount of the current calendar year.

When is the deadline to switch my subscription type, should I choose to utilize this benefit?

As a Rewards member, you have the option to switch your current subscription to any different subscription type at the end of your original commitment and keep your Rewards status. Changes to subscription type must be received before the 25th of the month. Please update your subscriptions preferences by starting a conversation with Customer Service. Want to see when you started your subscription? Click here to view your account details.