Mini Book Workshop 2017 | Nicole Reaves

Celebrate your favorites—from your choice coffee drink to your go-to vacation destination and everything in between! Join Nicole Reaves for inspiration and guidance on piecing together a mini book dedicated to all your favorite things. Get prompts to get you started, tips on selecting photos, and ideas for incorporating memorabilia in your mini book. Then assemble your collection of favorites with DIY embellishments. You'll complete this workshop with a unique project featuring everything you love in a mini book that's sure to become your favorite in your library! 

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enrolling now through 10/16/2017
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Class Kit


Document your favorites with the Lyra mini book add-on kit! With 18 cards, bold colors, and a 15-piece stamp set designed to highlight all your must-haves, this kit is perfect for recording everything you love!

What you'll learn

  • Tips for documenting your everyday favorites
  • Ideas for what to record and how to record it
  • How to incorporate memorabilia into your favorites album
  • How to create an interactive pocket using your favorite product's packaging
  • Tricks for creating DIY embellishments using scrapbook supplies
  • Tips for keeping the assembly process running smoothly

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Picture of Nicole Reaves

Nicole Reaves

Wife to Mark and mama to Morgan and Parker, Nicole is a life-long Michigander who loves to travel, but is also a major homebody. She started her first Project Life album in 2012, and it remains one of her favorite ways to tell her family’s stories. She enjoys experimenting with her style and process while focusing on documenting her life and keeping it simple. Along with creating mini books, her other loves include Instagram, coffee, and making lots of lists.

What comes with this class

  • Detailed lessons showing Nicole's mini album come together, from start to finish
  • 5 instructional videos sharing the inspiration and ideas behind Nicole's album
  • Prompts, ideas and techniques for documenting your favorite things
  • Interaction with Nicole on a class message board during September & October
  • Challenges from Nicole to keep you on track with building your album

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enrolling now through 10/16/2017