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Hi everyone! It’s Deb today to help you out with your Project Life weeks that are lacking photos. We all have those weeks that don’t go as planned, resulting in less photos of our daily happenings than we’d like.

In the three years I’ve been doing Project Life, I’ve rarely had trouble filling up a spread. There are so many options! Here are some ideas for what to include in your weeks when you have empty pockets to fill.

Pick a theme to share throughout the year when space permits in your album. In 2012 I shared photos of different rooms in my home. You can take the photos all at once and save them for later use or you can take them as needed.


Use older photos that have special meaning or that relate to something going on in the current week. This photo that my mom took of the first dinner she cooked for my dad after they were married in 1959 has always fascinated me. Definitely a Project Life kind of photo, don’t you think? So I included it in my album last year with a little journaling about how my mom was ahead of her time. Too bad she didn’t have instagram to share it with her friends!

If you have one special photo that deserves more attention, print it large to fit across two or more pockets for a big impact. I printed this photo of my boys helping pick out our tree at 6x8”.


Add some screenshots. When we left on our vacation last summer I took screenshots of the route to Utah. It took two days to get there, and I didn’t take a lot of photos during that drive. Including our route was a good way to document the time on the road.

Add in some artwork from your kids. I don’t have little ones anymore so they aren’t bringing art home from school like they used to, but my younger son did draw a picture of everyone in our family using an ipad app called Adobe Ideas. I had him email his creation to me so I could include it that week.

Hope this gives you some ideas for adding interesting bits to your album. The important thing to remember about Project Life is to keep it fun… there are no rules!


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