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Today, we're sharing a workspace tour from our June guest designer, Stephanie Bryan. Come see where she made her beautiful projects! I love the photo grouping over her desk, and she has a few great storage ideas to share as well : 

Hi everyone!  I'm so excited to share my craft space with you all today.  This room is my favorite place in the whole world and you can often find me in here.  It doubles as our guest room, but luckily, most of our family and friends live close by so I don't have to share this space too often!  I do have two little kiddos who like to think that this room is "theirs", but we all know the truth!!  :)

This is my desk area.  The table is actually an old kitchen table that I repainted.  I love how much room it has and how I can really spread everything out.  I'm kind of a neat freak, so the table top actually looks like this most of the time unless I am in the middle of a project.  I find that I work better in a clean space so I usually try to put everything back in it's right spot after I finish a project or layout and before moving onto my next project.  


I keep the "essentials" out and easily accessible on the table top.  The "THINGS" container is from Land of Nod and is perfect for holding my pens, tiny attacher, scissors, tags and some journaling cards.


I keep a small container of my favorite stamps (and most recent stamps) out on my desk as well.  I find that I'm more likely to use them if they are in my eyesight rather than in a drawer.


This little tin holds my journaling cards and filler cards for Project Life.  I use the tags to help keep them organized by theme.  When I work on my PL album, I'll usually just pull out a handful and see what fits with my spread on that particular week.  The 4x6 cards are kept at the back of this tin, along with a few notebooks and journals (you never know when you will get inspiration!!).

This little "lazy susan" holds all of my current silhouette cuts, tags, circles and labels.  It's perfect because it spins around AND each of the ceramic dishes is removable.  It definitely comes in handy when looking for the final touches for a project!  


This little basket sits under my table top and holds all of my 6x6 paper pads.  I find that I use these A LOT for Project Life, as well as for my traditional layouts.


On the other side of the room is a dresser that is perfect for storage.  I keep most of my embellishments and small items in these drawers.  I also keep my Project Life album out and open so I can work on it throughout the week if I have some free time.


Here's a peek into the top drawer of the dresser.  These little bowls from Anthropologie are perfect for keeping my odds and ends in sight.  I love being able to open these drawers up, look and see what might work with a project, grab it and go.  It definitely makes my life a little easier.  (And if you haven't noticed….everything has a place.  I'm a little weird like that….just ask my husband!!)


Other than embellishments, clips and what not, I also use these drawers to store my extra stamps, stamp pads, heat gun, glue gun, tags and stickers.


This is my craft closet.  Sorry for the poor quality photo…this closet doesn't get much light.  Here's where I keep all of my albums, mini books, and design team products.  The baskets at the top of the closet hold things I like to keep handy, but don't necessarily use everyday (think fabric, felt, iron).

And that's about it!  Thanks so much for letting me share my craft space with you today.  And a super big thanks to Studio Calico for allowing me to be the guest designer this month.  It's been pretty awesome!!  xoxo -Stephanie

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    I love the crisp, clean, relaxed and ORGANIZED space you have... It's gorgeous!

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