Workspace Wednesday: Dana Fleckenstein

Hi everyone, it's Dana here with an update on my workspace. Some of you may remember my post from June 2013 when I showed you some of my craft space and favorite storage solutions.

As much as I wish I had a dedicated room, this place is still on double duty. Therefor, I need to be able to stow everything away from time to time and so many of my storage items are rather practical and stackable than decorative.

The one colorful exception is my washi tape bowl. If things don't get too chaotic during crafting, the tapes are spread out within the bowl and roughly grouped by color. I really love this system for I'm able to see my whole collection, remember what I have and use it.

A fairly new addition are these Ikea Samla boxes. I have three of those, one for my ever growing stash of embellishments, one for paints/mixed media products and another just for my letterpress supplies. I bought matching lids for the boxes which, again, makes them stackable and since they are clear you exactly see what's in there.

The embellishment box can be rather messy although I try to keep everything in the original packaging for reference. One thing I found useful to get quicker to certain items is to group, e.g., enamel dots and rhinestones with binding rings.

Also, I finally gave in to the collective Raskog craze this summer. I've never been much of a fan up until then but, boy, does it hold a ton of stuff! On the top level, I keep the most current and frequently used stamp sets, my Color Theory Inks, embossing powders, glitter, and all of my paper pads. The second level holds mini and specialty inks, my sequins box, old books and maps I want to use for die-cutting, and a box of baby wipes to clean my stamps right after use. The bottom level houses my punches.

I hope that you have enjoyed my craft space update and maybe find some inspiration for your own workspace. Thank you so much for stopping by!

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  1. Kristi_ says…

    I still haven't given in to the Raskog craze, but feel it infecting me a little more every time I see one. Love the color of yours! Thanks for sharing this look at your space.

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  2. terriblygreat says…

    Love how efficient your Raskog cart is.

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  3. CristinaC says…

    Same thing with the Raskog for me - I didn't understand the craze, but then I got one, and loved it so much that I just got a second one! :)

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  4. sideoats says…

    Love your workspace ideas Dana!!! And I gave in to the Raskog craze a while back -- LOVE IT! :)

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  5. justlisa7 says…

    Think I will put my 6x6 paper pads on my top shelf now too. Looks great!

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