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The most rewarding part of teaching this month’s Mini Book Mini Workshop is watching projects pop up in the gallery. We are just over halfway through class and I love seeing how these ladies interpreted the album design to create their own unique book. They are inspiring and have already given me several ideas to try in my next mini! Today I want to share a few that caught my eye.

The first one is by user all-that-scrapbooking. Her mini book is gorgeous and full of great details. This little flip up was my absolute favorite.

(click to see more of this album)

I never would have guessed that user w33blegurl was a first time mini maker until this class!

(click to see more of this album)

Stephanie Bryan (user stephaniebryan) is a master at making mini books and hers turned out fabulous as always. I love her layering and stitching details.

(click to see more of this album)

User diestempelkueche made not just one, but two mini books over the last two weeks!

(click to see album one and album two)

I love a nice chunky mini but sometimes they need a little help staying closed. Annie used book binding fabric and small magents to create a closure on her mini. Such a great idea!

(click to see more of this album)

Registration to this Mini Book Mini Workshop is still open! Through February 28th, you can bundle all four workshops – with me, Maggie Holmes, Marcy Penner and Céline Navarro – and enroll in the Mini Book Library for only $36.

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  1. all_that_scrapbooking says…

    Thank You Nicole!!!!!!! :******************************************* You forgot to tell how brilliant ideas the teacher has :P

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  2. Amante_del_Papel says…

    wow is amazing!

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  3. w33blegurl says…

    Thanks for including my album, have to say I really loved this class!

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  4. diestempelkueche says…

    I had a serious case of Scrapper's Block and this fun project of Nichole's cured it. She is such a supportive and engaged teacher!

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