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When creating, whether it is a layout or even before when taking photos for our projects, we sometimes fall into a rut of doing things in a certain way over and over again. There's nothing wrong with this. In fact, it can be a time saver but every once in a while it's a good idea to change things up. The following seven photo prompts will help to do just that.

Prompt 1: Big picture
We all probably have preferences for focal lengths or how we crop an image in post processing. I for one love close-ups but often forget to get take the bigger picture. Remember to take both views! It will help your story telling.

Prompt 2: Favorite spot
Take a photo of a favorite spot in your city or around the place you live.

Prompt 3: Morning routine
What do you do first thing before breakfast? Do you have a set morning routine before you grab your coffee? Document it!

Prompt 4: Pars pro toto
Not everyone loves to have their photo taken or they will give you crazy faces. Other times, what you want to photograph is just too big to capture properly. Zoom in and capture just a part of the scene that will stand for the whole.

Prompt 5: Look up!
Change your perspective by looking up (or down). You maybe surprised what you see.

Prompt 6: Capture the arrival of summer
A lot of things change with the warmer weather. What is quintessential for your summer? Meeting with friends and family outside for a BBQ? Getting the bikes out for a ride? Don't let these first signs of summer go unnoticed.

Prompt 7: On your desk
What's on your desk? A new book or scrapbooking supply? A new hobby in the making?

I can't wait to see what you capture this week! If you use these prompts, tag your Instagrams with #SCphotoprompts so we all can be inspired by what you shoot! And follow me @pixnglue on Instagram - I'll be posting more photos with these prompts!

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  1. 1Djc says…

    Love these ideas!

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  2. all_that_scrapbooking says…

    lovely idea!

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  3. bckueser says…

    Love all of these ideas!!

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  4. JilC says…

    Lately, I'm such a fan of photo prompts. Thanks for these and the inspiring photos!

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