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We are so happy to bring you items designed by Wilna Furstenberg of iheartstudio in our November kits. Wilna's keen eye for detail and excellent use of script and simple shapes transfer elegantly in Scrapbook pages and digital formats. You can find examples of her layouts on her User Profile, see her stamp in the Walden Scrapbook kit, and find more of her work online at www.iheartstudio.ca.

How long have you been working with Studio Calico?

I have been doing some design work for SC since 2012. I was a part of the Tips and Tricks team for a little while and now I am doing some product design work for them.

Pictured above is the stamp set Wilna designed for the Scrapbook kit this month. She's also the mind behind the cute vellum leaves included with the kit.

Can you tell us about your creative process? What mediums do you work with, what inspires you?

Pinterest is a huge source of Inspiration for me: Images, Art, Photography, Quotes. Sometimes it can be the slightest image that sparks a whole idea in my head. I love working with watercolors, acrylic paint and gouache. But my favorite medium is a #8 brush and india Ink and a 11x16 pad of paper. The possibilities of an empty page really thrill me! Lastly, I would say my iMac inspires me too - when I digitize those images in Photoshop and Illustrator. I am always a little overwhelmed by my ideas.

Would you mind giving us a peek into your creative space?

I love this space. I am in it most of the time and I clean and organize it (literally) daily. My left brain and right brain are only happy when balanced, so I simply cannot function in chaos. I have a walk in closet opposite my room where I store the bulk of my scrapbook and art supplies.

Here’s a video tour of my scrapbook room:

We’d love to see more of your art! Could you share a couple of your favorite projects?

I am working on doing a little Christmas Workshop this year and just finished these illustrations for the class. I am so excited about them! Plus I painted some butterflies earlier this year and every time I see the images, it makes me happy all over again. I also design a lot of creative cut files and scrapbook layouts! It’s hard to pick!

Where can we find more of your work?

I blog on http://wilnafurstenberg.com and I have a little shop for my Workshops and creative cut files and other creative endeavors: http://iheartstudio.ca. I try to do a new Scrapbooking Process video on my blog once a week, and you can see those on my YouTube Channel.

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  1. Square says…

    Wilna, I love your happy outlook. And I just love those Christmas cards. Do you know when that workshop will be available?

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  2. christinebk says…

    I heart Wilna! I love seeing her videos, her creative process and gorgeous layouts! So glad that SC is finally having Wilna design some items!

    2 Reply 0 Replies
  3. baersgarten says…

    love you and your work, Wilna! happy to have you designing for Studio Calico!

    1 Reply 0 Replies
  4. tb8282 says…

    I love love Willa's work!

    I would love to see her on the design team and continue to create items for the kits!!

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  5. scrapitgal says…

    I love Wilna!!! Love watching her videos, love her cut files, love everything she does! So cool that SC is featuring some of her designs and work.

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