Using the Homestead Kits with Catherine Davis

Hello there. Any Disney fans out there? I wanted to share a quick and easy Disney project I made with the "Homestead" Kits. Time to get these memories documented!

I take about 1,000 photos at Disney World—as I'm sure most people do—and wanted to talk a bit about moments. When editing images, I think it's important to look for photos that tell a story and illustrate a place in time. For this image, I loved how you could see the castle, but also a rare moment of stillness in a very busy day. I also like that it's clearly from my viewpoint and I like the idea of the kids seeing this when they are older and reflect on it. 

This image was actually from my Instagram story; I was sure to save it when I posted. On a kraft paper base, I used washi tape to add a border and used simple embellishments to add a title and some more color to the page. 

I stamped the phrase "in my heart" on a small sticker banner. I love how subtle it is on the page, yet there is so much meaning. I don't tend to include a lot of journaling on projects, so I like when I can add heart and insight where I can.

If you have any questions about this post, please be sure to add a comment below and I'd be happy to help!

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  1. Joelaw (Gold Rewards Subscriber) Joelaw says…

    This is not creative. You took away the boards and your design team seems bored! I think I'm done!

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    1. 2boysmom 2boysmom says…

      For real. Did a 3rd grader make this? I️ understand that the kits don’t come with a decent amount of product anymore but come on. This is pathetic.