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Here at Studio Calico, we are fortunate to work with very talented designers. We're so excited to feature Meredith Desmond, the designer of some of our journaling cards in the Summit Documenter Kit this month. Learn more about Meredith today!

A lifelong lover of design and pattern, I graduated with a BA in Studio Art with a focus on serigraphy and painting from UT Austin. Following graduation, I traveled to Guatemala and Thailand where I developed an ongoing love of global prints and textiles. I then moved to NYC where I spent years designing home decor, bedding and all things room-related before landing at Coach. At Coach, I was the Sr. Designer of Print and Pattern as well as Women’s Woven Scarves. Now in Colorado, I continue to assist various brands in achieving their design goals through my freelance contracts, while enjoying Colorado’s mountain environment in my free time. Through Magpie Moon, I continue to express my passion for print and pattern, dedicating my energy and talents to creating fun and fresh patterns to be lovingly set loose into the world.

How long have you been working with Studio Calico?   

Not long enough! ;) I just started working with SC in June of 2017 and can't wait to do more fun projects and creations in the future. 

Can you tell us about your creative process? What mediums do you work with, what inspires you? 

A lot of times, some of my best work comes from doodling in my notebook. A little motif might come out onto the paper and then I'll turn that into a series of prints based on manipulating the form and cutting pieces off or adding some on. Just having this little speck of free-form creativity blossom into multiple new patterns excites and stimulates me to keep up with the stream-of-consciousness doodling and sketching. A lot of my other patterns and works begin with a similar approach but with watercolor or marker, and in those mediums, I have to commit to the line that I've laid down and go from there. It makes me be a little more intentional but also allows for a boldness to come out from the beginning of the process!

Would you mind giving us a peek into your creative space?

Of course!

We’d love to see more of your art! Could you share a couple of your favorite projects?

A lot of the stuff I'm excited about can't be shared until they hit the stores next year or are announced. I do a lot of product and pattern development for different companies as a freelancer. As for my own original art, I'm excited to be pulling together several of my favorite prints and scarf layouts and getting actual products made to be sold on Etsy. I'll let you know when it's launched! But I'm also continually creating new prints and patterns and creating mockups so that buyers can envision how my prints could live on a multitude of products. Fingers crossed we score some great product licensing deals this year! :) Some of my prints are available on DecalGirl. They're all really cool ways to protect and personalize your devices from phones, tablets, laptops, and even speakers!

Where can we find more of your work?

My website or on my licensing agent's page.

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  1. Joelaw says…

    More of her, please! 😍😍

    1 Reply 1 Reply
    1. magpiemoon says…

      Thank you so much! Warming my soul! :)

  2. TerryB says…

    ^^ I'll second that. Love her work!

    1 Reply 1 Reply
    1. magpiemoon says…

      Thank you, Terry! You made my day! :)

  3. iScrap says…

    Your work is gorgeous and that blue floral journaling card/paper from the January kit is one of my all time favorites. The pattern is beautiful!

    1 Reply 1 Reply
    1. magpiemoon says…

      Thank you SO much! :)