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We love our members, and we love getting a chance to put them in the spotlight. Sarah Klemish is a longtime SC member and we always love seeing her new pages in our gallery! 

My name is Sarah Klemish and I was born, raised and still reside in beautiful Michigan. I have two boys who a lot of scrappers have seen grow up through my pages. I have been scrapping for close to 12 years now and still have a passion for the hobby. . .  the product, the process, the end result, the feedback, I love it all. I have also developed a love for photography thanks to scrapbooking. I love capturing special moments for friends and family, and of course for myself.  My Nikon goes where I go!  Thanks Nicole for featuring me as the Studio Calico January 2013 spotlight member - the first of the new year!  It's going to be a great year!

Top 5 Products:

1. Studio Calico Folio Paper – I can’t use this paper enough! I think I have used it as my neutral background paper on 90% of the last 50 layouts I have done! It is the perfect complement to any pattern paper and works well with my Cameo! I order in in bulk when I can find it.

2. Black spray paint - When Marcy Penner first started the ink splash craze I watched a tutorial on her blog on how she accomplished the look . . . I was surprised to see that she used black spray paint. I went and bought a can from my local JoAnn Fabrics and have been using it ever since. Thanks so Marcy for the tip and for starting such a fun technique, I am hooked.

3. Sewing Machine – I don’t feel like my layouts are complete without some type of stitching. I use embellishments sparsely so sewing gives my layouts that finished feel. I have a cheapo machine that I bought from Target and it works perfectly for my scrapping needs.

4. Cameo – I am sure I am no different than anyone else who owns a Cameo, I am obsessed! I use my machine on pretty much every layout I create. I love being able to create titles and embellishments that complement the product line I am using at the time. It is a must have machine!

5. Pattern Paper - I am pretty sure this is a common favorite of all scrappers, it is essentially a major part of the scrapbooking process. I use pattern paper in small amounts and love that most companies offer a huge variety of patterns and colors with each line they produce. My husband is baffled at the amount of pattern paper I own but hey, you never know when you are going to need it!

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Where do you find inspiration: I find inspiration everywhere! I love looking at manufacturer blogs, scrapper blogs, and of course Pinterest. Magazine ads always inspire me as do scrapbook magazines. Sometimes if I am in a slump I go back through my own layouts and inspire myself! LOL What is your favorite color and/or color combo? It is hard to say that I have a “favorite” color or combinations of colors because in my process I tend to pull whatever colors complement the photos I am scrapping. Of course for holiday layouts I will pull colors that match that particular holiday theme or I will pull certain colors that are associated with a particular season. Currently I am really drawn to wood grain papers, graph papers, bright pink/fushia and turquoise.

Tell us a bit about your design process: For the most part I start with photos (unless I am really in love with a particular paper line, in that case I start with the paper). I don’t scrap my photos in any kind of order; I scrap what inspires me at the time. Lately I have been doing a lot of gift albums so I have been scrapping photos that were taken for friends or family. I always start with a neutral background (most likely SC Folio) and more than not will add a few black paint splatters. From there I just play with picture placement and paper colors. Once I have the basics placed I sew everything down and then add whatever embellishments I feel are needed (usually not a ton as I am embellishment challenged). I most always type my journaling on strips and add that last.

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Tell us a bit about what else you do since we know you are creative in more ways than just scrapbooking: I am not lying when I say I am truly not creative. LOL I enjoy scrapping but don’t even go far out of my comfort zone with that. I am a huge reader and lately have been addicted to watching TV series on Netflix. I love spending time my extended family and of course with my husband and boys. I have a true love for photography but only do that for “fun” – I have been lucky to work some photography jobs and am always willing to take pictures at events for work, family and friends. I am always sure to mention that their pictures may turn up in a scrapbook layout down the line so not to be surprised! 

Thanks for sharing a bit more about yourself, Sarah - and for being an awesome part of our community!

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