Using the Summit Documenter Kit with Marcy Penner

Hey, everyone! Marcy here today with a little tip on looking at your kit in a new light. Specifically, I wanted to share a quick tip for stretching your Documenter Kit into use for other projects.

Over the years, I've found that I do much better with creating projects when I have fewer supplies at my disposal. That means curating a small and efficient selection of supplies that I have at the ready. I also create in a notebook most of the time, so right there I'm looking at smaller supplies (in scale and size). For my notebook project in the "Summit" gallery that features my dog Piper, I challenged myself to stick strictly to using the Documenter Kit. Normally I find the Documenter Kits perfect for creating everyday spreads in my notebook. 

Now, this is where my tip comes in; initially, my first thought is always that I need the Scrapbook Kit to supply my need for patterned paper. Luckily I remembered that the Documenter Kit has patterned paper in it. Sure, it's in the form of 3" x 4" cards, but really, for a notebook page, that's perfect! It's also a smaller scale print which is perfect for a smaller project like a notebook page.

For the spread in question, I created a stacked grid layout by trimming some of the patterned cards into small wonky rectangles. By using the Documenter Kit, I saved space on my worktable (by not including the storage of 12" x 12" patterned papers), and I also saved time when I was creating (because it's way faster to flip through and trim up 3" x 4" cards than it is 12" x 12" papers). 

So, this month, I encourage you to look at the "Summit" Documenter Kit (and other kits for that matter) in new ways to complement your projects...whether they be layouts, notebook spreads, or something else entirely.

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