Using the Written in the Stars Kits with Morgan Stockton

The horse races have opened; it’s officially springtime! After a year and a half of living in Kentucky, I finally made my way to a real, no joke Kentucky horse race at Keeneland track! It was a perfect day and I seriously couldn’t wait to document it in my Traveler’s Notebook.

I brought home one of the full-sized booklets from the track and used parts of it in my notebook. There was the perfect little headline-sized piece in the beginning of the booklet that had the date and the name of the track, so I started this spread with that cut-out piece. I added in the “story” puffy sticker from the Planner Kit to give it a “Keeneland Story” headline. 

From the same booklet, I cut out the horse that won me my first bet (you go, Tasteful!). I created some nice layering with one of the aqua vellum stars from the Documenter Kit, the cut from the Keeneland booklet, an Instax photo of the track, and a yellow star sticker. I loved the spacing that those layers created that allowed for cute notes like “1st Big Winner” and “Perfect Day.” 

That day, Amy took the cutest Instax photo of Josh and me, and I thought it went perfectly with the “I <3 US” card from the Documenter Kit, which I die-cut into a circle. I then added some of the sweet puffy stickers as a caption. I especially loved the “Dreamy” sticker with the light, haziness of the photo. 

Finally, I had to add in my “losers.” These were the bets that I placed that were so close buuuuuuttt just not there. I used the alpha stickers from one of the add-ons to label them “Not Winners.” But I also put in a little "secret" note under the three tickets that says “still fun,” because while I may not have won every bet, I did have a lot of fun rooting for my horse to cross the finish line. 

Hopefully, you’re making the most of your spring days with April’s kits, and I hope you enjoyed my day at the races!

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