Introducing the New Traveler's Notebook Kit!

We're thrilled to announce our newest subscription catered to our favorite way to document. Traveler’s Notebooks are a fresh way to record your memories, and our kits will be packed with our favorite notebook-friendly products and shipped directly to your doorstep each month!

Capture the moments that matter. Our Traveler’s Notebook Kit streamlines your memory keeping process with a monthly shipment of beautiful and innovative products. 

All preorders will start with July's kit and your subscription perks will also start July 1st. For a limited time, current subscribers can preorder and get our lowest pricing with no commitment.

Click here to preorder your Traveler's Notebook Kit today!

Start creating in this fun format at home or on the go!

About the Traveler's Notebook Kit:

  • New kits are revealed on the 1st of each month. As a subscriber, you're invited to shop three hours early during a special presale at noon EST to see what's inside your kit and add more supplies to your box.
  • Kits ship by the 10th of each month. Free domestic shipping and just $3 for international orders.
  • Bundle up. Domestic subscribers receive free shipping on orders created between the 1st and the 5th of the month, and our Canadian and International subscribers will pay one fee for all orders during this time. This gives you the freedom to add a little something extra to your kit order, without worrying about an additional shipping charge.
  • Skip a month. Don't need a kit this month? Simply take the month off. We understand that life gets busy.
  • Enjoy extra discounts. 10% off online classes and 10% off digital items. Plus, special promotions and discounts are given periodically.
  • Preview early. Can't wait until next month? Neither can we. See sneak peeks of upcoming kits beginning the 6th of each month.

While we’re not quite ready to reveal the full lineup for our July kits, here’s what you can expect to see in each of our Traveler’s Notebook kits:

  • Traveler’s Notebook – A one-of-a-kind notebook with a mix of patterned, prompt, and grid interior pages, sized at 8.25” x 4.25”.
  • Clear Stamp Set – Exclusive designs tailored for documenting in a notebook.
  • Washi Tape – A true TN staple, and you can never have too much washi tape!
  • Sticker Sheets – Each kit will have a mix of stickers—clear, labels, word strips, and fun shapes—to help highlight your memories.
  • Die-Cuts/Extras – We’ll finish each kit off with a fun extra that’s notebook friendly, like transparency shapes or cardstock die-cuts.

Preorder yours today!

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  1. CeliseMcL (Silver Rewards Subscriber) CeliseMcL says…

    I am sold on documenting in my travelers notebooks. I am hoping to see a workshop too.

    1 Reply 1 Reply
    1. AprilFoster (Studio Calico Staff Member) AprilFoster says…

      Thank you! I love it, too. There will be a TN workshop each month.

  2. gabber (Gold Rewards Subscriber) gabber says…

    WooHoo! I love TN's- this is awesome news SC!

    1 Reply 1 Reply
    1. AprilFoster (Studio Calico Staff Member) AprilFoster says…


  3. kimberlyatlga (Gold Rewards Subscriber) kimberlyatlga says…

    I have signed up for this kit. I am just in shock that the Scrapbook Kit will be its last June 2018. I am going to miss my cardstock and 12 x 12 printed papers! Kind of sad, really.

    2 Reply 0 Replies
  4. RhondaN (Pink Rewards Subscriber) RhondaN says…

    I hope @MarieL moves from the planner kits to the TN kit CT!

    0 Reply 0 Replies
  5. clippergirl clippergirl says…

    What’s the weight of the interior pages/papers used for the TN?

    0 Reply 0 Replies
  6. corinne (Pink Rewards Subscriber) corinne says…

    I need more information regards this kit.
    What do I do every month with a TN ? Give me some examples please.
    If I want to record my son´s birthday party and then I travel somewhere... I need two TN? How can I show my kids later in life about their experiences? In a notebook?
    I really don't get the idea of eliminate scrapbook and then have everything in a notebook.
    I just want you to convince me...

    0 Reply 1 Reply
    1. CristinaC CristinaC says…

      There are lots of good options! You can do it monthly - document in one TN everything that happens that month, - or by theme - so have multiple TNs: one for travel, one for special occasions (parties, etc.), one for little everyday things, etc..
      I have a TN for weekly documentation, and I am working on a dedicated spring/summer TN because I like to document things chronologically as they happen; I do separate TNs for travel.

  7. CristinaC CristinaC says…

    I'm loving the sneaks I've seen so far. I love that the notebook is already made with a mix of pretty papers!

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  8. joelbyrne joelbyrne says…

    I love these kinds of paper crafts. It's really interesting to see and try when you are free. Awesome!

    0 Reply 0 Replies

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