Using the Summit Kits with Lisa Truesdell

Hey, everyone! With the first month of 2018 almost behind us (how did that happen?!), I thought this would be a great time to share more about the year in review notebook that I’m working on with our new series of 4" x 3" month stamps. It’s a quick and easy project, and I love being about to document the highlights of each month.

To keep things nice and simple, I’m using just the month stamp, my SC Planner Kit, and a few inks each month. Keeping the inks consistent throughout the album will help it feel pulled together in the end, and knowing which product I’ll be using takes all the decision work out of putting this together. Each month, I find about six photos that represent the month, and then add captions and a list talking about other events that I don’t have photos for. I find it’s getting easier each month to narrow down my photo choices—but that’s definitely the hardest part of this project! I try to find shots that show a variety of moments, both big and small.     

I start each spread by stamping the name of the month down the left side of my notebook and then add in my photos. From there, I sprinkle in the smaller icon and phrase stamps and add my journaling. The product in the Planner Kits are a great fit for notebooks, so I use that to finish off each spread.   

Here’s a little peek at the March stamp set—it’ll be available with the "Candyland" reveal on February 1st. If you’re considering a project like this for 2018, these sets are great to have! 

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