April LOAW #2 Challenge

We're excited to feature these weekly challenges from the SC community! Below you'll find April's LOAW challenge #2. You can find challenge #1 here. Post your project in the gallery and copy a link to the comments below. You can enter anytime in April! Check in each week as one of our members shares a new challenge with you.

We are looking for LOAW hosts for 2018! If you're interested in hosting the weekly challenges, please reach out using the Contact Us form!

Challenge #2

This week, our member Mel (username meldarcy) is challenging you to find some inspiration for your next project. Be sure to follow Mel here at SC to see more of her work and keep up with her!

Is it just me or does anyone else lack inspiration from time to time? Do you look through the Member Gallery and Creative Team inspiration and add a bunch of layouts to your inspiration books, but then do nothing with these creative ideas?

Last month, I loved one of the layouts from the Bookmarked Scrapbook Kit Workshop with madamerosenrot but didn't want to scraplift it in its entirety for the class challenge. I did want to replicate it, though, for my album at some point.

So this week's challenge is to scraplift a page from your inspiration book—be it totally or just being inspired by an element on the layout. Link up your creation and the inspiration piece if possible. 

I can't wait to see what you all come out with!!

Now it’s your turn to create a project based on this week's challenge! Share your new project for the challenge in the SC gallery, then link up your project in the comments of this post by January 31st. We will draw a winner to win a $10 gift card to the Studio Calico Shop!

Guidelines for LOAW participants: 

The LOAW (layout-a-week) challenge came about from members challenging and encouraging one another to use their kits. Because it began before SC offered card and Project Life® kits, the challenge was for layouts, hence LOAW. Since scrapbook, card and PL kits are a part of SC's subscriptions, those types of projects are now included in LOAW. That means you can submit a LO, card, PL spread, minibook, or art journal page to a LOAW challenge. 

If you have trouble interpreting the challenge for the type of crafter you are, ask the host (person posting the challenge) for suggestions. Sometimes ideas we come up with make perfect sense in our minds, but don't translate as easily as we expect to another type of paper crafting. 

Each person may submit one unique project per challenge, i.e. you cannot submit the same project for two LOAWs. It's okay to combine LOAW with another challenge, though, such as a sketch or technique challenge. 

The project you submit should be one that is created in response to the LOAW challenge, which means no posting of older projects no matter how perfectly they fit the challenge. Any project submitted to the challenge should be made in the month of the challenge. 

Deadline for submissions is the last day of the month. Once the month changes on the SC site, it's too late to post for a chance to win. (I wanted to make note of this because I am a procrastinator and I'm sure there are a few more like me out there doing everything at the last minute.) 

When submitting a project for LOAW, please include a picture of your project and a link to it in the SC gallery on the challenge thread. Also, if the challenge asks for additional information, e.g. explain your inspiration, please include that in your submission post. SC generously offers a $10 GC to one participant. It's actually a promotion code good for 30 days. The winner's name is pulled from all of the entries. So if you enter one challenge, you have one chance of winning; two entries, two chances; etc. Hope you take a chance and take on one or more of the LOAW challenges each month.

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  1. Brinkleyboy says…

    I made a couple of cards for this challenge but will end up sending my first one I made to my son and daughter-in-law for the purchase of their first home--Yay! I recreated the original pretty close but used different sayings on the design areas than Carson did, and ended up adding a chipboard piece for the sun! Here is the original link https://www.studiocalico.com/galleries/200376-new-home
    It has a few darker areas on the grass, but I'm ok with that. It was a lot more involved than I had first thought, but need to get it out in the mail so I won't try to make another!

    0 Reply 2 Replies
    1. meldarcy says…

      You've done a great job at replicating this card! Well done! I'm sure your son and daughter-in-law will love it!!

    2. Brinkleyboy says…

      Thank you@meldarcy. They’re so happy to have finally been able to purchase a house after being priced out of the market for over two years!

  2. CeliseMcL says…

    I am not an inspiration keeper, I prefer to seek out inspiration when the mood strikes. But I did have one card I loved almost 4 years ago,
    this was the first time I made it. I had to dig through my Autumn storage boxes to find the stamp. 4 years ago I probably would not have had the skills, nor product to replicate it. Walden was always a favorite.

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    1. meldarcy says…

      What a cute card!!

  3. penny says…

    I've had this layout from @vania in my Inspiration Book for a while: https://studiocalico.com/galleries/206422-seriously-addicted
    So glad I still had the same paper from the Sonnet kit!

    1 Reply 2 Replies
    1. vania says…

      Love what you did Penny! :)

    2. meldarcy says…

      I love this!! I still have this paper sitting here too in my stash, I've been unsure of what to do with it, but you ladies have inspired me!!

  4. JaneD says…

    I don't tend to save anything in my inspiration book so for this challenge I took the time to go through the gallery and "WOW!" so many beautiful projects I found. I was blown away, and at first I didn't know what to choose but when I saw this layout https://www.studiocalico.com/galleries/210875-balboa-park
    by @Brinkleyboy I fell in love. I was just going to lift the idea of patchwork but use a different design and papers (I even started a different layout than the one I ended up with), but when my daughter-in-law sent me a photo of my new grandson I knew I had to use the same papers as Brinkleyboy as they are perfect for the photo and I also ended up going for the same design. So more of a CASE than a scraplift.
    Thank you for the challenge @meldarcy, and thank you for the inspiration @Brinkleyboy!

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  5. veilman says…

    I may have every layout by KellyNoel in my inspiration book! I made two originally done by her with just slight modifications of paper and size. Thanks so much for the inspiration!
    KellyNoel originals:

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  6. CristinaC says…
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  7. Kristi_ says…
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  8. Rockermorsan says…

    Here is my page: https://studiocalico.com/galleries/211696-pl-week-13
    I really loved how Kelly Noel turned a filler card into a journaling card, so I lifted that idea. Here is her page: https://studiocalico.com/galleries/210585-january-2018

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